Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Monday, December 17, 2007

Questions People are Asking about Fujairah

Famine of Information on Fujairah
At the time of writing this Fujairah in Focus web site has been going for less than two months and has only reached 45 postings. However, the number of hits on this site is already reaching into the thousands.

There is a famine of information about Fujairah in the English language and when it exists, most people do not know where to find it.

Furthermore, people are seeking information from places outside Fujairah and the UAE and are relying greatly on obtaining their information online.

What People are Seeking to Know about Fujairah
I had a list of objectives when I launched this site but probably the item that most people are keen about is this one—“To amass some resources, especially for people visiting or settling in Fujairah.”

When I commenced this site I had no desire to become an online Fujairah Tourism Office or a Citizen’s Advice Bureau but I have been happy to give the small body of information I have to people who are inquiring.

Chief Questions or Queries for Information
I have kept a record of the inquiries but here are the main questions people have been asking most recently, in this month of December (a period of less than three weeks). Any short time period will shape the type of questions and this month of December has evoked more questions about the recent Fujairah Monodrama and activities relating to the Eid Al Adha holiday.

Here, in descending order, are the questions or requests people have been making about Fujairah (the numbers are in brackets):

Requests for road directions or street maps. (33)
Request for photos and videos on Fujairah. (18)
Questions about weather (especially fog conditions). (15)
Questions about fishing or fishing equipment in Fujairah. (13)
Questions about the hot tourist spots or places to see? (11)
Questions about cultural activities and specifically Fujairah Monodrama. (10)
Requests for tourism advice. (10)
Questions about hotels and motels. (6)
Questions about boat trips and water activities. (6)
Questions about the oil refinery or oil. (5)
Questions about the picnic spots in Fujairah? (4)
Questions about the parks in Fujairah? (4)
Questions about the main camping grounds? (4)
Questions about Fujairah media. (3)
Questions about buying property in Fujairah. (2)
Questions about schools in Fujairah. (2)
Questions about Fujairah beaches. (2)
Questions about Bull Butting (and the cost to see this spectacle). (2)
Questions about bird watching. (2)
Questions about the Al Bidyah mosque. (2)
Questions about the Fujairah marina. (1)
Questions about the Water Desalination Plant. (1)
Questions about places to shop. (1)
Questions about the Fujairah Port and request for a map. (1)
Questions about ongoing accommodation? (1)
Questions about Fujairah Free Zone. (1)
Questions about where to find bakeries in Fujairah. (1)

Some Concluding Observations
The most urgent need is for maps that give clear directions as to how to get to Fujairah, including the different routes and street maps of Fujairah city, Kalba, Dibba and towns of a significant size.

If these maps were sufficiently detailed and listed many of the places cited above—hotels, motels, parks, picnic areas, camping grounds, churches, the port, refinery, desalination plant, bakeries, schools, shopping areas, tourist hot spots—they would go a long way towards assisting people with many of the questions that newcomers and tourists are asking.

Digital maps available online would be useful for adding to or altering as places and landmarks change and develop.

Dr Geoff Pound


Anonymous said...

giv einformation regarding the schools in fujairah. i am a an indian , shortly relocating to fujairah and would like to know about the best schools in the town. Especially C.B.S.C Schools, which are administered by the Delhi board, in INDIA. schools like Delhi public school or Apeejay schools or the Ryan International school are some of the well known and renowned schools of india. PLEASE WRITE ABOUT HE SCHOOLS AS ITS EXTREEMLY IMPORTANT.

Geoff Pound said...

In reference to the earlier comment—greetings!

I am sorry I do not have a ready comparison of schools in Fujairah.

I suggest you track the schools, addresses and phone numbers and ask for information.

When you arrive it would be important to talk to other parents who have got children at the same age and stage as yours and ask them questions about Fujairah education.

The Indian School Club in Faseel is a good source of local information about schools that might be similar to what you have experienced in India. Their contact information is at this address: