Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

About the Site ‘Fujairah in Focus’

Desert of Information

When my wife and I came to live in Fujairah in 2005 we found it difficult to get any information in English about this city. The newspapers coming out of Dubai and Abu Dhabi had little coverage on Fujairah.

I started a blog—Experiencing the Emirates, with a special eye on Fujairah. The next year I commenced Fujairah in Focus and when at the end of 2009 I gave up the Emirates blog (for these reasons) I determined to spend whatever time I devoted to blog writing focusing on Fujairah.

I try and write on Fujairah in Focus each day unless I am travelling in some other part of the world.

Fujairah has been growing by 10,000 people every year and much of what I write is for these people—those contemplating the prospect of coming to Fujairah, those taking the plunge and those getting established in the unfamiliarity of a new city and culture.

The questions that are often asked, especially by intending travelers, journalists and newcomers, indicate that there is a great hunger for news and information about this little known north-eastern emirate in the UAE.

This digital scrapbook is intended to stir up questions and foster a conversation about Fujairah and the changes that are taking place in this emirate and in the lives of those who visit and live in this part of the world.

Who Reads Fujairah in Focus?

About half of the people who visit this site live in the UAE. They are readers who want to discover more of what is going on in Fujairah, especially those in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi who see Fujairah as a getaway destination and who are looking for info on how to get here and what they might do on their stay.

The other 50% are readers throughout the world—especially those in the UK, India, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand—people who are planning to visit the UAE and Fujairah and I suspect many who used to live here and who want to keep in touch with the Emirates.

Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page

In the UAE Facebook is now the second most popular Internet site after Google. It is striking that the growth of Facebook usage in the UAE is faster than the USA or anywhere else in the Middle East—12% in the last six months.

At the last survey 33% of all UAE residents have a Facebook account and many young people are using Facebook solely for their emails and their source of news.

Because of this I started the Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page upon which I put links to articles written on the Fujairah in Focus blog and links and pictures to many other features of a Fujairah flavour. Let me invite you to get the updates appearing in your Facebook News Feed by clicking on the LIKE button at the top of the Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page.


Feel free to add comments, raise questions, receive the updates and Share articles you think could be helpful by using the ‘Share’ button at the end of each article of the blog or the Facebook page.

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