Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Emirati Ghutrah Released in Fujairah in Time for UAE 40th National Day

National Day Attire

While there are lots of UAE 40th National Day events it is good to see the release in Fujairah of an Emirati ghutrah (men’s head dress) in the colours of the UAE flag.


This head dress is stylish with or without an agal (ropes to hold head dress in place). Made from 100% cotton, it has the words ‘Emirati’ stitched in Arabic and English. Take out the ghutrah from the packet and you will see that the map of the UAE is marked by the red patterns. The framework is coloured in black.

Fujairah Fashion Designer

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ has been produced by a Fujairah designer under the fashion label, ‘Sharqi’, the name of the major Emirati tribe in Fujairah and the UAE’s East Coast.

Shailer Soon to Appear

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ is the first clothes item that has been released under the ‘Sharqi’ label but the Emirati Shailer (women’s head scarf), also in UAE national colours, is soon to be released.


The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ sells at 350 AED. Only one size is available at the moment but more sizes are planned including an ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ for boys.

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ can be purchased at various stalls of the Heritage Village at the Fujairah Fort.

You can order it from this phone number: +971 (0) 55 6684528 plus post and delivery costs.

Be in quickly because they are selling like hot cakes.


Wearing the ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ on UAE National Day will make a significant fashion statement but after all the celebrations are over this ghutra will continue to be worn with pride on any day and occasion.

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ is a terrific gift idea for men who have got everything but be quick. This is a limited edition and in years to come the ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ released on the UAE 40th National Day will be a collector’s item.

Take a Look

Take a look at how the new Emirati Ghutrah looks in different styles in photos in this photo album.

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G-Force Arts Rocks Fujairah With Sound, Light, Dance and Fireworks

G-Force Arts was hired by the Fujairah Municipality to produce and stage an event for its Sixth Family Festival that was timed as a Fujairah celebration of the UAE 40th National Day celebration.

The event on Tuesday 29 November 2011, which will be repeated on Wednesday 30 November at 7.30pm on the Fujairah Corniche at the bottom of the main street, did not disappoint.

The Dubai-based events company prides itself on their goal of delivering a ‘flawless execution’ and the evening appeared to go off without a hitch.

Middle Eastern Dance and Music

The event commenced with a group of UAE women doing a stylish hair dance, then continued with a series of dances to rhythmic music performed by troupes from countries such as Lebanon, Palestine, each decked out in their traditional dress.

The performance included a modernized version of a whirling dervish from Egypt and Russian performers dancing with rows of lights.

The rear of the stage was lit with changing, colourful scenes while at the front of the stage there were smoke machines releasing their coloured puffs and cylinders that emitted thunderous flames.

A couple of the musical performances were enhanced with laser lighting that lit up the grassy park on which hundreds of people sat and relished the experience.

The evening concluded with a long and sparkling fireworks display arising from a barge in the water. The lights and explosions could be heard all over Fujairah.

G-Force Arts put on a spectacular and enjoyable outdoor event that was enjoyed by an appreciative multicultural audience.


Take a picnic dinner and get down to the corniche early tonight (Wednesday) to secure a good space for viewing the show and the fireworks (to the right of the stage looking from the road). Watch where you park your car. The corniche road was congested for a long time after the fireworks display.

G-Force Arts is professional and precise. They put on an event that all the family will enjoy.


Mabrook! Congratulations to the Fujairah Municipality for hosting an event that was well done, a delight to all the senses and an appropriate celebration for people enthusiastically marking 40 years of UAE nationhood.

Take a Look

Some photos of the G-Force Arts sound and light dance show, plus the fireworks, are posted in this photo album.


Sixth Family Festival Featured in Fujairah Celebration of UAE National Day, FIF, 28 November 2011.

40th UAE National Day Activities in Fujairah—Detailed Program and Schedule for download in Arabic and English, FIF, 2 November 2011.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Own Fujairah Kindergarten Salutes the Nation on UAE National Day Week

This report about the celebration of UAE National day by some of the very young of Fujairah is written and submitted by Shamsun Nahar Sherin, Class Teacher of Reception 2F at Our Own English High School, Fujairah.

Week Long Celebrations

The week long celebrations for 40 years of Peace and Prosperity concluded on Thursday 17th Nov 2011 on a high note with 'Daddies' sharing information about this beautiful country, UAE, with the classmates of their children.

Awareness and Pride

The awareness of UAE and their pride to be part of this country has grown 100 fold among the children, staff, the parents and the community at large.


The focus of each activity was the coming together of the school community as a whole with social and civil community. The signal of the success was participation that was at a maximum in every event.


The highlights of the week were as follows:

+ Watching parent and child together put their palm (hand) prints on the banner in the colours of the UAE flag.

+ The presence at the kindergarten of people doing UAE crafts.

+ Children dressed in traditional clothes singing their love for UAE while parading in the corridors of Our Own Fujairah.

+ The Special assembly conducted by the IGCSE parents which strengthened our partnership.

+ Building family spirit in 'the traditional food sharing' when Guardians on Wheels (bus drivers and conductors) and Our Hardy Helpers (maids, watchmen & other workers of the school) joined in the celebrations.

+ The delightful date with the fruit of the desert and the Green Coast Nursery Official Partner, Mrs. Bosseineh Khazal.

+ The visit with a token of traditional sweets to the offices of: Ministry of Education, Municipality, Customs, Emirates Court, Fire department, Police Department, Free Zone, Media, Immigration and five neighboring schools. Children sang the 'I love UAE' song and announced 'Our Own Fujairah salutes The Nation' much to the delight of the executive staff in every office.


Bravo, Well done Staff and Students of Our Own Fujairah Kindergarten!!! Happy National Day!


Many thanks to Shamsun Nahar Sherin for taking the time to write up what appears to be a very fruitful week in the life of the children and Our Own Fujairah Kindergarten.

Take a Look

Some photos of the students of Our Own Fujairah Kindergarten and special guests who were engaged in the week long UAE 40th National Day celebrations are posted in this photo album.

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Fujairah Hosts First Forum in Urban Planning, Diversity and Integration

The first Fujairah Forum was held at the Concorde Fujairah Hotel on 23-24 November 2011 in the presence and with the patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi (pictured at the forum).

Mohammed Saif Al Afkham, Director of the Fujairah Municipality welcomed delegates to the First Fujairah Forum and he explained the reason for the gathering in his opening remarks:

Unity in Planning

“This is why we, Fujairah Municipality, thought of organizing this event that is inspired by the directives of His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammad Al Sharqi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Fujairah, to highlight in it the concept of unity between the seven emirates and the urban and developmental wealth and diversity of projects to create an integrated environment that meets the leadership that is rightfully ours.”

Realizing the Emirati Dream

Mr. Afkham told attendees of the Forum that, “it is our ambition to leave the doors wide open for the participation of minds and the exchange of experiences. Our aim is to realize the beautiful Emirati dream in creating a base that will be a safety valve for future generations to continue this country’s journey of greatness.”

Exchange of Experiences

Afkham (pictured below) invited delegates to “exchange experiences with the aim of integration and sustainability.”

He stressed that the ambition of the designers of the Fujairah Forum is to create an interactive environment where ideas mature and objectives and proposals are established as we address the five pillars: urbanization and sustainability, the use of technology and its role in planning, urban expansion and integration, the role of transport and its role in urban planning and the role of geographic information systems (GIS) in the field of urban planning.

Speakers and Topics

A diverse range of speakers addressed the Forum. Here is a list of some of the keynote speakers and their topics:

Day One Wednesday 23 November 2011

Hassan Radoine ‘Territorial & Urban Planning Quest: UAE.’

Ghada Mahmoud Hafez, ‘The Application of Strategic Thinking in the Planning of Urban Development.’

Dr. Khaled Galal Ahmed, ‘’Investigating Social Sustainability in Public Neighborhoods in the UAE: The Case of Al Ain.’

Eng. Jean-Luc Wagner, ‘Technology in City Planning.’

Eng. Sara Ishaq A Mohammad, ‘Mechanism Projects, Transportation Systems and Transportation Projects Within the New Development in Dubai.’

Day Two Thursday 24 November 2011

Eng. Nadia Al Nakabi, ‘Development frameworks and sustainability in the planning and urban design in the Northern Emirates.’

Eng. Humaid Abdalla Mohammed bin Awash Al Yamahi, ‘Urban Expansion and Integration and its Role in advancing the overall development in the UAE.’

Dr. Mohammad Arar, ‘Metro Dubai and its Impact in Sheikh Zayed Road.’

Eng. Hadeel Amer Al Khateeb, ‘A Study of the Lines, Stations and the Positions of Mass Transport for the Emirate of Ajman.’

Naemma Al Hosani/Miss Farah Saeed, ‘Use of Technology in Planning.’

Eng. Mustafa Abdulla Almusawa, ‘The Experience of the City of Abu Dhabi in the Use of GIS in the Field of Urban Planning.’

Khaula Al Kaabi, ‘Importance of Transportation and its Role in Urban Planning.’

Carolina (Vectuel), ‘3D Presentation for the Emirate of Fujairah.’

Conclusion of the Forum and a Recording of Recommendations.

A book of conference papers in Arabic and English is expected to be published in the future.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Fujairah Municipality Celebrates UAE 40th National Day

The Fujairah Municipality has organized a variety of special events and activities to celebrate the UAE 40th National Day.

The Municipality is collaborating with other organizations and from 25 November to 3 December 2011 there will be a variety of activities and performances designed for all members of the family.

At the outset of this festive period, Engineer, Mohammed Saif Al Afkham, the Director the Fujairah Municipality congratulated His Highness, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Fujairah, their highnesses, Supreme Council Members and Rulers of the Emirates, the Senate and the UAE people and residents of this good land on this happy national occasion. Mr. Afkham wished ongoing progress and greatness of this generous country.

The Director (pictured below) said that preparations have been put in place for the UAE National Day including decorating the streets with coloured lighting and flags, photos of the UAE President. A series of events in different parts of the emirate of Fujairah have been planned with an emphasis on events that can be enjoyed by all the family in wide open spaces.

This year National Day activities have been encouraged in the universities, colleges and other institutions of the emirate of Fujairah and these have included heritage competitions with valuable prizes, the tasting of traditional cuisine and the reenactment of a traditional Emirati wedding.

Other National Day initiatives by the Fujairah Municipality include the following:

1. Participation in the march, ‘Spirit of the Union’ on 17 November in collaboration with the Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

2. Representation through the Department of Public Relations and Media in the UAE Pavilion at the University of Ajman (30 November to 2 December) which will include an exhibition of some films produced by the department and the distribution of brochures.

3. Organizing the sixth Family Festival on the Fujairah Corniche with laser shows and fireworks (evening of the 29-30 November).

4. Staging an Open Day for staff and their families of the Fujairah Municipality with heritage activities, an exhibition of artifacts and the National day of Action.

5. Holding a Fujairah Municipality staff competition (since the beginning of the month) for the most beautiful painting on the theme: ‘The Spirit of Union’.

Get Involved

The Fujairah Municipality invites all citizens, residents and visitors to the emirate to participate in the UAE 40th National Day activities.


Download your UAE 40th National Day in Fujairah Program in Arabic or English by going to the links in this article:

40th UAE National Day Activities in Fujairah, FIF, 2 November 2011.

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Jet Ski Parade from Fujairah to Abu Dhabi to Show UAE Loyalty

A jet ski parade, sponsored by His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, the Crown Prince of Fujairah, gets underway on Tuesday 29 November 2011, commencing at Fujairah and ending up in Abu Dhabi.

First Time

The drivers, who are all from Fujairah, plan to stop off at every emirate on their way and it is reckoned to be the first time this has been done.

Symbolic Seven

Seven jet skis—one for every emirate—will seek to make the journey, along with three boats, one for medical assistance, one for mechanics and one for catering.

Three-Day Parade

Those on the jet ski parade plan to spend three days to reach Abu Dhabi on 2 December. Their intention is to spend the first night in Dibba, the second in Ras Al Khaimah and the final night in Dubai.

Loyalty Letters

Marketing and PR Manager at the Fujairah International Marine Club, Shoaib Essa, commented:

“The interesting feature is that the jet ski riders will carry a loyalty letter signed by the Fujairah Crown Prince and will pass a copy to each Crown Prince of each emirate until finally they deliver a letter to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.”

Celebratory Commencement

The jet ski parade will start on Tuesday at 4pm at the Fujairah Corniche, where there will be a big celebration.

If you are free, get down to the beach to send off and show your support to the jet ski parade.

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Images: Photos courtesy of Shoaib Essa.

Take a look at the photos of the start (Tuesday 29 November 2011) of the Jet Ski Parade from the Fujairah Corniche in this photo album.

Sixth Family Festival Featured in Fujairah Celebration of UAE National Day

6th Family Festival

The Fujairah Municipality is organizing ‘The Sixth Family Festival’ as part of its commemoration of the UAE 40th National Day celebrations.

Light Show

The festival will include traditional and global events, a laser show and fireworks.


Fujairah Corniche.

Dates and Times

Tuesday and Wednesday 29-30 November 2011 commencing at 7.30pm.


40th UAE National Day Activities in Fujairah—Detailed Program and Schedule, FIF, 2 November 2011.

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First Arabian Horse Show in Fujairah Judged a Great Success

Press Release

First for Fujairah

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, the front yard of Fujairah Fort witnessed last evening the launching of the Fujairah Liberty Class Show 2011, which is the first Arabian Horses show to be held in Fujairah.

One of Many

The one-day event was an associated activity of the Fujairah Crown Prince Award – Al Saif Championship. Fifty three horses participated in the show that aimed at highlighting the value and status of the horse in the Emirati and Arab heritage, encouraging the younger generations to own and breed Arabian Horses, and urging local breeders to keep and take care of their horses and better their production to be able to represent Fujairah in future international shows and competitions.

The show was attended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah and patron of the show, His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Ajman Executive Council, His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Chairman of the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority, His Excellency Salem Al Zahmi, Director of the Fujairah Crown Prince Office, and a number of officials and guests from Fujairah. In addition, a large number of Arabian horses owners and lovers were present.

Fifty-Three Horses

Fifty three of the best locally owned Arabian horses participated in the show that highlighted the characteristics of beauty, speed, refinement, endurance, and strength that the Arabian horse is famous for in its movement, especially the freestyle liberty class, where the horses show off their graceful moves on the tunes of Eastern music. The activities of the show were rich and diverse and they were divided into three rounds. One of them was for the participating Arabian horse from the Sheikhs’ royal stables. The second round was for the mares and the third round was for the stallions. They were all judged by the Judging Committee which consisted of the following International judges: Mr. Khalifa Al Forah, Mrs. Christine Chaselle, and Mr. Richard Pihlstrom.

Competition Results:

Sheikhs’ mare round (Liberty Class)

Official UAE Studs:

Dubai Arabian Horse Stud

First Place: Lumiar Bint Balzac

Second Place: D Crystal Moon

Third Place: D Jowan

UAE National Category:

First Place: Bint Fitna – Owner: Al Tamimi Stables

Second Place: Mary Nosa – Owner Rashid Obaid Khalfan

Third Place: Ablink – Owner: Sheikh Ahmad Ali Al Sharqi

Stallions Round:

First Place: Sparrtacus T O – Owner: Ajman Stud

Second Place: Preemium – Owner: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud

Third Place: Walhan – Owner: Sheikh Khalid Mohammad Khalifa Al Mualla

UAE Nationals Category:

First Place: Ruzaam AlSafinat – Owner: Arif Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan

Second Place: Latif Al Zobair – Owner: Ali Salem Mohamed

Third Place: Al Sobh – Owner: Rashed Obaid Al Yamahi

Great Success

Ali Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, praised the first Fujairah Liberty Class Show 2011’s success and thanked His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah, for his generous support and patronage of the show which proves his highness’s belief in the importance of preserving the breed of Arabian horses and promoting its status. Al Kaabi stated that His Highness is a constant patron of all kinds of sports and cultural activities that aim at reviving the local heritage of the people of Fujairah. Al Kaabi also explained that the judging process in the show started with sorting the participating horses from the royal stables from the horses of young national breeders whether from Fujairah or the rest of the Emirates. This was done to give the horse breeder a greater chance to win and achieve positions in the beauty of movement competitions. Ali Al Kaabi said that, under His Highness the Fujairah Crown Prince’s interest of beautiful traditional sports, they are hoping to increase the level of competition in the next few years.

Khalid Al Suwaidi, from the Emirates Arabian Horse Society expressed his happiness with the great success of the first Fujairah Liberty Class Show 2011, which witnessed high attendance and interaction from the crowd that exceeded all expectations. Al Suwaidi was glad to observe the exceptional characteristics of the Arabian horses and praised the quality and number of the participating horses. He hoped that this success will lead to the continuation of the show in the future as it encourages owners and breeders to own and breed Arabian horses and take care of them.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the Emirates Arabian Horse Society supervised the implementation of the rules and standards of the Arabian horses beauty show and provided the international judges. The society presented the first Emirati international judge, Khalifa Al Forah.

Take a Look

Some photos of the horses arriving and being prepared for the Arabian Horse Show are posted in this photo album.

Some photos of the horse show taken by Fujairah photographer, Emily Ray, can be seen in this photo album.

Some photos of the qualifying round, the final round and the award ceremony are posted in this photo album.

A photo by Emily Ray of Emirati royalty attending the Arabian Horse Show is posted at this point.

Some photos of the Emirati royalty taking a stroll through the Fujairah Heritage Village at the Fujairah Fort are posted in this photo album.

More Information

More information and program details about the Arabian Horse Show, the Al Saif (traditional sword) Championship and the Fujairah Heritage Village at the Fujairah Fort can be gleaned from the Al Saif Competition Facebook Page.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

From Fujairah Scott Ragsdale Begins His 7 Ironman in 7 Day Challenge

Just before 7am this morning on the Fujairah corniche, Scott Ragsdale said he was looking forward to getting going on his 7 Ironman events in 7 days. He’s been preparing for this adventure for 9 months.

I asked him why he does this crazy stuff swimming, cycling and running 12-15 hours over the next seven days and he said:

“Last year I turned 40 and I wanted to do something that would extend me so I swam the English Channel. Then I wondered what I could do this year that would take me further and I came up with the 7 Ironman events in 7 Day Challenge.”

On his blog post yesterday he wrote about the power of the mind and he challenged people to make their goals happen. Then he concluded:

“This week and this 9 month adventure comes down to this simple thought: finish or failure.”

At 7pm he began the first day’s schedule of swimming 3.86 kilometres. He changed in a tent, put on some sunscreen and took off on his cycle to travel 180.25 kilometres before running a marathon—42.195 kilometres.

He said he felt good after his swim within the ‘banana’ out from the Fujairah Corniche. “If anything,” he said, “I swam too fast.” Swimming is the best of his three disciplines so he said after emerging from the Arabian Sea, “It’s all down hill from here now!”

Many people were at his launch with their cameras and with best wishes. Scott Ragsdale is an inspiration for simply starting. Let’s hope he can finish his adventure in the seven emirates of the UAE.

Take a Look

Some photos from this morning’s start in Fujairah are posted in this photo album.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Fujairah Forum on UAE Planning, Integration and Diversity

In the presence and under the patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, the Crown Prince of Fujairah, the Fujairah Municipality is holding its first forum on the theme, ‘UAE Planning, Diversity and Integration’.


People from different sectors of Fujairah life have been invited to attend and participate.

Mr. Mohammed Saif Afkham, Director of the Fujairah Municipality, says he wants “to continue ongoing [dialogue] between the institutions of society, the state and the media.”

Afkham (pictured below) added, “The forum aims to share experiences and provide an environment where dialogue can blend developments and proposals with the participation of a large group of specialists and experts in different sectors which are relevant to urban areas and construction.”

The Spirit of the Union

The publicity is billing the Fujairah Forum as a UAE 40th National Day activity in Fujairah.

The theme of the Forum captures the ‘third pillar’ of the UAE National Day strategies entitled ‘Cosmopolitan Community’ and which is amplified with this commentary:

This great nation was created by a few with the prosperity of many.

It is now a nation that is made up of faces from different places, bringing with them important skills, culture and personalities from every corner of the globe.

Living side by side together, under one spirit, working to help the nation continue to prosper and grow.

The UAE today is truly at the heart of the globe, at the middle of the Middle East, and our people reflect this.

The success of the nation today and tomorrow has been and will continue to be through the collective strength of the many.


Congratulations to His Highness, the Crown Prince and the Fujairah Municipality for scheduling this first Fujairah Forum, for bringing people together and encouraging a rich dialogue to shape positively the development of the emirate.


The forum is being held at the Concorde Fujairah Hotel with the opening function commencing at 10.00am Wednesday 23 November and going until 1.00pm.

The forum continues tomorrow, Thursday 24 November between 10.00am and 1pm at the Concorde Fujairah Hotel.

More Information

Further information or questions about participation can be directed to the PR Department of the Fujairah Municipality (09) 2028231 or 050 799 7786; Pr.fujmun@hotmail.com

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Images: Top photo used courtesy of Khaleej Times via the 40th UAE National Day Strategy booklet, p16; Mr. Mohammed Saif Afkham, Director of the Fujairah Municipality: quote from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan from the 40th UAE National Day Strategy booklet, p17.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

‘ENCOUNTERS’ Art Exhibition at Le Méridien Beach Resort Al Aqah Fujairah


On the occasion of the UAE 40th National Day, Le Méridien Al Aqah Beach Resort presents ENCOUNTERS: An Exhibition of Works from the Collection of the Liborius-Xu Art Gallery.


You are invited to the opening reception at Le Méridien Al Aqah Beach Resort on 2 December 2011, 7pm (RSVP 050 539 5973; 050 397 4950)

Press Release

Here is the information posted on the official press statement released to the media:






Dubai, November 2011 - In its first public event of the season, Liborius-Xu Art Gallery will show select pieces of its collection at Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Hotel this December under the title ‘Encounters.’ The exhibition, which is part of the UAE National Day celebrations at Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Hotel will feature works by renowned artists from the UAE, China, Japan, Indonesia, England, Bulgaria, Germany, Tunisia, to name a few. The exhibition will open on 2 December, UAE National Day and will last for one month.

Explaining ‘Encounters’

Susanne Liborius, Managing Partner at Liborius-Xu explains:

“‘Encounters’ embodies the harmonious coexistence between the products of different cultures and traditions, even different historical periods, on the soil of this ancient land. It celebrates the very values which underpin the success of the United Arab Emirates in the forty years of its existence.”


Highlights of the exhibition include works by UAE artist Amnah Al Bloushi, Carol Smith’s Arabian Horses series, sculptures by celebrated Tunisian artist Mohamed Ben Damir, East-Coast inspired works by Boryana Korcheva, a collection of antique Japanese woodblock prints and lithographs and classic Chinese brush paintings.

About Liborius-Xu Art Gallery

Founded by German Susanne Liborius van der Kramer and Chinese Juan Xu in Dubai, Liborius-Xu combines the distant cultural backgrounds of its founders with their shared passion for art, business experience and international exposure. Having built up their own private art collections over the last twenty years Liborius and Xu decided to establish the gallery 2010 and have been serving a growing list of international collectors in the region.

The gallery represents both established and emerging artists from the Far East, Middle East and the West, offering a variety of styles, ranging from Pop Art to classic Chinese Brush Paintings.

Liborius-Xu operates out of Dubai, a crossroad between East and West and an international logistics hub, and possesses capabilities in several languages.

For More Media Information

Contact Boryana Korcheva


M: 050 5395973


If you are planning to attend the opening reception at Le Méridien Al Aqah Beach Resort on 2 December 2011, 7pm, please let them know you are coming (RSVP 050 539 5973; 050 397 4950)

Geoff Pound

Image: Darsana untitled.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Visit Inside the Fujairah Fort When You Attend the Al Saif Championship (English and Arabic)

Opening the Doors

Most people find the Fujairah Fort closed so they settle for photographs on the outside steps of the ancient structure but the Crown Prince is keen to open the fort and encourage people to enjoy its many features.

Visiting Hours

Normally if you go to the Fujairah Museum during office hours and ask to visit, they will arrange for the fort to be opened.

The Fort is now open every day from 9am-12 midday and 5pm-7pm until 17 December 2011.


The Al Saif Organizing Committee has prepared a large glossy brochure in Arabic and English. This gives information about the Al Saif (Traditional Sword) Championship but also has details on the history of the fort, it’s building and building material and its special features.

The brochure also comes with a floor plan which indicates the uses of the various areas, and a map (with legend) of the surrounding old village with information about its houses, courtyards and trees.

This information brochure is available from the office at the Fujairah Heritage Village or inside the door of the Fort.

Old Fujairah

As the Al Saif Championship in 2011 is closely aligned to the UAE 40th National Day celebrations, several old photographs and pictures are on display in one of the rooms of the fort.

Guards at the Fort

Several young men will stand sentry at the Fort, each holding an old rifle. These guns are not loaded but the guards will add to the drama and the sense of remembering what the fort used to be.

قم بزيارة قلعة الفجيرة من الداخل عند حضورك لفعاليات بطولة السيف

فتح الأبواب

يجد الزائر لقلعة الفجيرة أبوابها موصدة في معظم الأوقات فيقوم بالتقاط الصور التذكارية خارج أسوار هذا الصرح التاريخي العريق، ولكن جائزة سمو ولي عهد الفجيرة تحرص على أن يتمتع الزائر للبطولة بجمال القلعة ومعالمها من الداخل والخارج عن طريق فتح أبوابها للزوار وتشجيعهم على التعرف على جميع تفاصيلها.

ساعات الزيارة

يقوم متحف الفجيرة بتنظيم الزيارات للقلعة طوال السنة، وكل ما عليك القيام به هو الذهاب لمتحف الفجيرة خلال ساعات الدوام الرسمي وطلب زيارة القلعة.

أما جائزة سمو ولي عهد الفجيرة، فقد قامت بفتح أبواب قلعة الفجيرة يومياً خلال الأوقات التالية في الفترة من 11 نوفمبر وحتى 17 ديسمبر 2011: من الساعة التاسعة صباحاً وحتى الثانية عشر ظهراً، ومن الساعة الخامسة إلى السابعة مساءاً.


جهزت اللجنة المنظمة لجائزة سمو ولي عهد الفجيرة منشورات تتضمن معلومات عن بطولة السيف وعن تاريخ قلعة الفجيرة ومعالمها والمواد التي استخدمت في بنائها، وتمت طباعة المنشورات باللغتين العربية والانجليزية.

كما تتضمن المنشورات مخططاً لمبنى القلعة يوضح استخدامات جميع مرافقها، وخريطة للقرية المحيطة بها تحتوي على معلومات عن المنازل والأفنية والبساتين الموجودة فيها.

ويمكن الحصول على هذه المنشورات من مكتب بطولة السيف في قرية التراث أو من متحف الفجيرة.

الفجيرة القديمة

وحيث أن بطولة السيف 2011 تتزامن مع احتفالات الدولة بالعيد الوطني ال40 ، فإن العديد من الصور الفوتوغرافية القديمة يتم عرضها حالياً في إحدى غرف القلعة.

حراس القلعة

يقف عدد من الشباب عند أبواب القلعة للحراسة حاملين في أيديهم بنادق قديمة مفرغة من الرصاص في منظر يعيد للأذهان ذكريات الماضي الجميل ويذكّر بما كانت قلعة الفجيرة تبدو عليه وتمثله في ذلك الوقت.