Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Looking to Buy Property in Fujairah?

Check out John Hill’s very good article on the state of property purchase in the UAE emirate of Fujairah.

Why Fujairah is Desirable
Hill sets forth several compelling reasons for eyeing Al Fujairah as a bright prospect for investors. These include the following:

* Fujairah has one of the smallest populations of any of the seven Emirates—only 130,000—so it is spacious, uncluttered and has a remote, ‘getaway’ holiday feel.

* The geography is strikingly different—rugged, mountainous, lengthy beaches, accessible islands and coral reefs which make it an adventurer’s paradise.

* The climate is more pleasant than most Middle Eastern locations. The mountains create a higher rainfall than the other emirates and the sea breezes drop the mercury.

Changing Property Laws
Before you go dashing forth to drop your dirhams and dollars on the Real Estate counters, check out what John Hill writes about buying property in Fujairah. My summary of his detailed statement is this:

* Until 2002 purchasing property freehold in the UAE has been limited to UAE citizens and citizens of Gulf (GCC) states but foreigners have been able to hold property under a 99 year lease arrangement.

* Dubai from 2002 has made property purchase available to foreigners but Fujairah has not followed apart from in one instance.

* The Fujairah government is currently considering a law to allow foreign freehold ownership of residential property.

* The Fujairah Free Zone allows the opportunity of fully foreign owned businesses.

Check out all the details, including information on Fujairah’s tourist property expansion and properties available in this eastern emirate at:

John Hill, UAE Property Guide—Fujairah

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: “rugged, mountainous… accessible islands… which make it an adventurer’s paradise.”


Neet said...

hi..well,i'm an indian...n interested to buy a flat in Fujairah...am i eligble to buy one?..thnku!

Geoff Pound said...

Expats cannot by houses or flats in Fujairah. Only renting.

Geoff Pound said...

Cannot buy!

Rizwan said...

Hi, I am looking for staff accomodation in Fujairah but in one building preferably villa for 20-25 persons. Can you advise where and how can I get in Fujairah.

Geoff Pound said...

Fujairah National Properties may well be able to help.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Can we buy an Office or Warehouse in Free Zone of Fujairah.Do you have an office for services to open a company in Fujairah.
Farrukh Pasha
Saudi Arabia

Geoff Pound said...


You could well hire an office. Contact the Fujairah Free Zone.


Anonymous said...

would like to start a farm in fujairah, how to lease land and start business over there

Geoff Pound said...

Go to the Fujairah Municipality and ask for directions on leasing land and starting a farm.