Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fujairah: Trashing Beautiful Environment

Vesela Todorova has an article in The National (22 May 2008) entitled, ‘Fujairah Wadis Choking on Waste’. It begins:

“Visitors are leaving between 260 and 840kg of rubbish per square kilometre at popular recreation sites each week, a Sharjah-based scientist has estimated.”

“Sandra Knuteson, the assistant professor of environmental science at the American University of Sharjah, collected and measured rubbish – including plastic bottles, glass, aluminium cans, paper, food wrapping and nappies – discarded at two popular wadis in Fujairah and Hatta.”

“‘Littering happens everywhere, but trying to regulate it is important,’ she said. ‘In other parts of the world, there is a big fine for dropping litter.’”

There is more to read in the article at this link.

Newspapers and blogs often cover articles on Fujairah’s sensational beauty but all too often there is a need to write about the trashing of our environment.

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