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Fujairah Collage
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Algae Kills Thousands of Fish at Fujairah’s Dibba Beach

The National reports (10 September 2008) “an outbreak of Red Tide toxic algae off the coast of Diba Husn in Fujairah [which] is killing thousands of fish and fouling the shores.”

Authorities are urging people not to eat the dead fish washed up on the beach.

The algae outbreak was spotted on Tuesday and by Wednesday midday approximately 9,000 dead fish had been counted.

To read the entire report with reasons for the algae outbreak, the statements of the Diba Municipality, the cleanup operation, the health risks to people who eat the dead fish or swim in the water and how the Diba fishermen are reacting to this blow to their business follow this link:

Yasin, Kakande, Authorities Urge People Not to Eat Fish after Algae Outbreak, The National, 10 September 2008.

Diba or Dibba is in the far north of the emirate of Fujairah (see this link for description, location, information and photos) but it also extends to the Sharjah emirate and the enclave of Oman. The village of Dibba Husn [or Hisn] is part of the Sharjah Municipality.

Update: Smelling the Decline of the Fishing industry in Fujairah

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Aerial view of red tide in the USA courtesy of Wildcoast 17 January 2007) which contains a NY Times article outlining some respiratory health risks when the algae toxins are dispersed into the air.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Pound

We are planning to visit Fujairah next weekend to go diving. Can you please tell me if the red tide has subsided?

We are very concerned about the environment. Do you have any updated info on how badly marine life was affected?

As a diver, I am also concerned about visibility....

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Mrs Simpson
Dubai, UAE

Geoff Pound said...

Mrs Simpson

I will contact divers up the coast and get them to post an up to date comment re your questions, on this article asap.