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Fujairah Collage
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stop off at Khor Fakkan if You Are Visiting Fujairah

If you are planning a day trip to Fujairah from Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi it is a great idea to make your return route along the coast rather than on one of the inland roads.

Stop off at Khor Fakkan
Khor Fakkan or Khawr Fakkan' خورفكان (and it is sometimes spelt as one word) is approximately 24 kilometres from Fujairah or 17-18 kilometres from Al Aqah (if you are coming from the other direction).

According to one source, the name refers to the shape of the area. "Khor" is an extension of land between two water bodies. "Fak" means jaw and refers to the shape of the land where it touches the water.

History and Adventure
With its rich history chronicled by archaeologists who have dated local graves and artifacts to the second century BC and adventurous stories of Portuguese and Omani attacks from the 15-17th centuries, what more do you need for a thrilling day at Khor Fakkan?

Superb Picnic Spot
If you simply want a good dose of salaam and serenity the Khor Fakkan beach which is about 2 kilometres from the main shops is a very pleasant setting for a picnic against the sheltered backdrop of the magnificent Hajar Mountains.

There is plenty to do in Khor Fakkan. The beach has beautiful white sand and from most accounts it is safe for swimming (although check with locals and swim with others).

If you are in a group and wondering what you can do it is possible to hire one of the many semi-covered motorized picnic boats (which come with a driver) so you can go out on the water.

You can also hire a Jet Ski so long as you note the lanes within which you must keep.

Sharjah Emirate
Khor Fakkan is part of Sharjah and is completely surrounded by the emirate of Fujairah. Because Sharjah is wealthier than Fujairah you will see oodles of palm trees, green grass, swings and other amenities for children.

There are many restaurants and take away shops up from the beach where you can get Middle Eastern and Asian food plus snacks and drinks. Being part of Sharjah it is essential to realize that alcohol is banned in this emirate. This also means the dress code is more conservative than in the other emirates.

The Oceanic Hotel is at the northern end of the beach. The other end of the beach merges into a very substantial port. While it is difficult to see any signs, taking pictures of the port area from the beach or out in a boat is forbidden and if you are caught doing this you may be apprehended and possibly have your camera confiscated.

To See More
The YouTube video Roadtrip to Fujairah has footage of Khor Fakkan from the 1.46 mark and for the next minute.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Khor Fakkan Picnic area and beach.

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