Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fujairah Fort Majestic in the Day

The Fujairah fort is a popular landmark in the eastern emirate and one of the most photographed buildings in the region.

The fort looks spectacular perched on the hill with the early morning sun shining upon it.

The Fujairah Fort was built in 1670 but was badly damaged by British bombardment in the early 20th century. Fortunately the main structure has recently been renovated and restored.

Considered the oldest fort in the UAE, it has served as a defensive building and a home for the ruling family.

The Fujairah Fort is a mud brick structure with three major sections, several halls, one square tower and two round towers. For many centuries it was the only stone building along the Fujairah coast.

Located on a hill at the edge of date gardens, the Fujairah Fort is surrounded by the remains of some old houses.

People can walk around the grounds, free of charge and explore some early town walls, fortifications, gates; towers, monuments and sights from an observation deck.

Photographs from different angles of the fort and associated structures can be found at many places including this link and this link.

Near Fujairah Fort, the Fujairah Heritage Village has a selection of traditional houses (‘arish) and fishing boats (shasha) made from palm fronds, providing an interesting reconstruction of traditional life on the East Coast.

Situated just south of the fort, the Fujairah Museum is a small modern building where many of the artefacts found in archaeological digs at Qidfa, Bithnah and other ancient sites in Al Fujairah are on display.

Post Script
Like most places in Fujairah the fort, village and museum are not highly polished and neatly packaged so don’t come with expectations for a tourist experience like Disneyland. The absence of modern trappings helps visitors to get more of a feel for what early life was like in Fujairah when the fort was the place of security and authority on the east coast.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: “Fujairah Fort Majestic in the Day.”

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