Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fujairah News Over the Summer 2011

Been away from Fujairah over the summer?

New to Fujairah and are wondering what’s been going on?

Here are some of the headlines and links to those events and issues in Fujairah, UAE that made the news from approximately mid-June to mid-August 2011.

Items are listed in rough chronological order under each category and the list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Some quick observations:

  • A lot has happened in Fujairah in recent weeks—new buildings, businesses and policies.
  • The biggest category relates to crime and punishment.
  • Drug use appears on the rise or has captured the attention of the police.

Royal News

  • Sheikh Hamad inspects construction projects in Fujairah. Link.
  • Fujairah Ruler sends condolences to King of Bahrain. Link.
  • Fujairah Crown Prince sponsors Port and Beach Cleaning along Fujairah Coast. Link.
  • Further on Sheikh Mohammed’s passion for diving and commitment to keeping the coast clean. Link.
  • Crown Prince meets with UAE President. Link.
  • Oman’s Sultan welcomed by Fujairah dignitaries. Link.
  • Fujairah Ruler greets King of Morocco on anniversary of his accession. Link.
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Visits Fujairah Hospital. Link. Video Link.
  • Fujairah Ruler receives Ramadan well wishers. Link.
  • Ruler and Crown Prince attend Sheikh Maktoum’s graduation at Sandhurst. Link.

Accidents, Fires, Injuries, Rescues, Fatalities

  • Two killed, four injured on Fujairah Roads. Link.
  • Fujairah building on fire (17 June 2011). YouTube video links One.
  • Fire burns Al Hail factory. Link.
  • Man searching for wild honey fell from mountain and died. Link.
  • Four rescued after being lost at sea off Fujairah. Link.
  • Missing Fujairah fishermen keep calm and cook curry. Link.
  • Driver dies as car hits truck in Fujairah. Link.

Business, Development & Economy

  • New Damas store, Les Exclusive Boutique in main street. Link.
  • Chemoil expects Fujairah oil storage expansion complete by Q3 2012. Link.
  • IPIC’s oil refinery in Fujairah is significant says OAPEC as the refinery is planned to have a capacity of up to 200,000 barrels per day. Link.
  • Emarat completes terminal for storing and distributing petrol products. Link.
  • SouqExtra! opens in Merbah. Link.
  • OW Bunker Middle East relocates to Dubai due to rapid bunkering growth at Fujairah. Link.
  • UAE investing in Northern Emirates. Link.
  • Fuel shortage impacts on Fujairah fuel market. Link.
  • Growing UAE exports to China flow out of Abu Dhabi to Fujairah oil pipeline. Link.
  • Rent prices stable in Fujairah. Link.


  • Women’s football includes players from Fujairah. Link.
  • Development of tennis with Fujairah Tennis and Country Club linking with Tennis Emirates in recruitment and training of young players.
  • Sport fishing in Fujairah. Video. Link.
  • Great turnout for Fujairah badminton tournament. Link.
  • Ironman to commence triathlon across UAE from Fujairah. Link.
  • Boxing potential in UAE. Link.
  • Maktoum Champs underway in Fujairah. Link.
  • Ruler and Crown Prince receive boxers at the palace. Link.


  • Special UAE hotel promotions at Fujairah hotels. Link.
  • Two new hotels and more hospitality jobs in Fujairah. Link.
  • Radisson Blue Resort under new management and brand. Link.
  • JAL baffled by decision to give away Fujairah contracts. Link.

Crime and Punishment

  • Three imprisoned and fined for drug use. Concern over use of drugs by young people as young as eleven. Link.
  • 15 years jail for attempted murder. Link.
  • Thieves get a year behind bars before being deported. Link.
  • Exorcists cause death of their patient and get 2 year spell in prison. Link.
  • Murder victim’s kin seeks Dh800,000 to drop case. Link.
  • 23 arrested for taking narcotics. Link.
  • Smartcard to prevent abuse of prescriptions for narcotics. Link.
  • 11 Fujairah firms fined for flouting midday rule. Link.
  • Rising drug use in Fujairah. Link.
  • 3 salons fined, hair dye seized. Link.
  • Father of murdered youth seeks justice. Link.
  • Money exchange employee takes Dh10,000 from his company. Link.
  • Four years for drugs. Link.
  • Hotel waiter jailed for bomb hoax. Link.
  • Drink/drug driving lands 14 months in jail. Link.

Shipping and Cruises

  • New ship, Serenade of the Seas to visit Fujairah 2012. Link.
  • Fujairah on 7 day Arabian Adventure cruise (2012) by the ship MSC Lirica. Link.
  • The visit of the Costa Favolosa with 3,800 tourists to Fujairah. Link.

Marine Life

  • Preserving Fujairah’s reefs are boosting fish stocks. Link.
  • Coral reef planted off Khor Fakkan. Link.


  • Fujairah’s Dr Christophe Tourenq wins award for contribution to environmental awareness and was a key player in Wadi Wurayah being designated a protected area. Link.
  • 84 people plus Fujairah Crown Prince honored for excelling in medical services. Link.
  • Crown Prince honours graduates at IAT and Abu Dhabi’s CP for setting up IAT across UAE. Link.

New Policies

  • New guide released on labour laws in UAE. Link.
  • Stricter regulations regarding waste landfills. Link.
  • Boats without tracking devices face stiff penalties. Link.

Scenery, Tourism

  • Great photo article on the delight’s of Snoopy Island. Link.
  • Visiting the Fujairah Museum. Link.
  • Surge of GCC visitors to UAE. Link.
  • Fishing, diving, bull butting and spa in Fujairah. Link.
  • Video: Swimming at Wadi Wurayah. Link.
  • Bull Butting in Fujairah. Link.
  • Escape the heat with an underwater adventure. Link.
  • Weekend break options include Fujairah. Link.

Education, Training and Research

  • Fujairah science student scores 99.9% and other top students. Link.
  • Some words from top students. Link. Further report.
  • An Australian Hospitality Training company is setting up a training business in Fujairah that will train hospitality professionals and grant a worldwide qualification. Link
  • Inter-Cultural Intelligence is important to Fujairah Women’s College (HCT). Link.
  • Research project developed by Fujairah school. Link.


  • 15 new mosques for Fujairah in 2011. Link.
  • Video interview of RAK and Fujairah residents about Ramadans in the summer in the days before refrigerators and AC. Link.
  • Ramadan in August 1978. Link.


  • Bus Timings to Fujairah during Ramadan. Link.
  • Fujairah Ruler pardons 42 prisoners. Link.
  • 220,000 to benefit from Ramadan charity projects in Fujairah. Link.
  • Food safety ramped up in Ramadan. Link.
  • Etisalat staff to work two shifts during Ramadan. Link.
  • Cheap rice a gift from UAE President. Link.
  • UAE leaders exchange Ramadan greetings. Link.
  • Fujairah lecture ‘Don’t limit prayer only to Ramadan.” Link.
  • Ramadan hours in Freezones. Link.
  • Ramadan food market a big hit. Link.
  • Fasting should be longer for mountain dwellers. Link.

Lifestyle and Culture

  • Surviving the summer heat in the desert in the days before air conditioners. Link.
  • Village near Masafi runs out of water. Link.
  • Earthquake activity in the UAE and the bid to build safer buildings and communities. Link.
  • Business School Director loves diving in Fujairah waters. Link.
  • The deserted village of Wamm. Link.
  • Indonesian expat network in Fujairah. Link.
  • UAE’s leading oud player comes from Fujairah. Link.
  • Fujairah to feature in UAE wildlife TV series. Link.
  • Fujairah student contributes to painting digital picture of fort. Link.


  • Fujairah reaches 46 C degrees. Link. And 47 C. Link.
  • Floods in Fujairah. Link. Also in Kalba. Link.
  • Rain falls in Fujairah early in Ramadan. Link.
  • Heat and Humidity continues. Link.

Health, Hospitals

  • Inauguration of Fujairah Hospital’s new Centre for Cardiac Catheterization and Thalassemia Centre. Link.
  • Ban on midday work in summer heat. Link.
  • Fujairah hospitals inspected to meet accreditation standards. Link.
  • GMC hospital receives two year accreditation. Link.
  • Fujairah food poisoning campaign. Link.
  • UAE PM visits Fujairah Hospital. Link.
  • Service of medics lauded by UAE PM. Link.
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support for Doctors (ATLS) Provider Course to be held in Fujairah. Link.
  • UAE health services in decline. Link.

Conferences and Festivals

  • Crown Prince opens Fujairah’s National Summer Programme. Link.
  • Summer heritage camp visits Sharjah Museum. Link.


  • Emirati population in Fujairah (2010): 64,860 of which 32,486 are male and 32, 374 are female. UAE’s total native population in mid 2010: 947.997 which represents 11.4% of total population (8.264 million). Link.


  • Fujairah fort. Link.
  • Old Fujairah stamps for sale. Link.
  • One week in Fujairah. Link.
  • The bulls are coming. Link.
  • Scenes of Bithna Fort. Link.
  • UAE photos (including one of Fujairah) in the New Yorker. Link.
  • Fujairah from space in 3D. Link.

Environment, Flora and Fauna

  • Celebrating Wadi Wurayah. Link.
  • Unsafe crusher closed down. Link.
  • Three more quarries closed down. Link.
  • Fujairah recorders involved in annual bird census. Link.
  • Bird habitats threatened. Link.
  • Largest solar panel plant in UAE based in Fujairah has no market in own country. Link.
  • Regulation soon to monitor ground water use in Fujairah. Link.
  • Fujairah factory is only place in UAE where plastics can be reprocessed but supply is insufficient despite too much plastic in landfill. Link.

Transport, Roads, Rail, Ports, Airlines

  • Road refurbishment in Al Hail industrial zone. Link.
  • Trains selected for UAE rail that will serve Fujairah. Link.
  • Can the Gulf support its ports including Fujairah port? BBC Video. Link.
  • Does the UAE need another airline? Link.
  • Eastern Express hopes to fly between Fujairah and Abu Dhabi. Link.


  • Fujairah electoral rolls published for Federal National Council. Link.
  • Awareness programme for Electoral College members. Link.
  • Fujairah women and the national polls. Link.
  • Registration commences for UAE elections. Link.

Shopping, Food, Retail, Business

  • Fish prices shoot up in Fujairah. Link.
  • Lulu Express opens in Fujairah. Link.
  • MD of Fujairah National Group speaks of ongoing projects and future development of the emirate of Fujairah. Link.
  • Fujairah mango, date and lemon farmers participate in Liwa Date Festival. Link.
  • Growing mangoes and lemons in Fujairah. Link.
  • Fresh fish treats and especially blue lobster from Fujairah. Link.
  • High power and water revenue from Fujairah 2 Plant. Link.

Geoff Pound

Lots more Fujairah news and views on the Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page.

Image: Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad, the Crown Prince of Fujairah, sponsored a clean up event along the coast at Mirbah.

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