Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Call to Plant More Trees…in Fujairah

Dr Wangari Maathai, winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 2004, yesterday said she was impressed by the number of trees and greenery in the UAE and called upon people, especially students, to plant saplings to fight pollution and climate change.

She said: “When I arrived in Abu Dhabi I expected to see just the desert, but I was very surprised and impressed to find so many trees and greenery.”

“It takes 10 trees to absorb the toxins produced by one person’s expiration, so preserving forests and planting saplings are key factors in combating pollution and, ultimately, climate change,” she continued.

Dr Maathai has been involved in helping the environment by planting saplings, as well as assisting women in improving their way of life.

I wonder how the number of trees in Fujairah compares with Abu Dhabi and whether the Nobel Prize Winner would be just as surprised if she visited out east.

What is the tree planting strategy in Fujairah and what are the goals?

To read more of Dr Maathai’s speech, go to this link:

Silvia Radan, Call to Plant More Trees to Fight Pollution,’ Khaleej Times Online, 24 October 2007.

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