Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Message from Mabrook at the Fujairah Night Souk

I am an Arab camel from Dubai.

I am out here in Fujairah getting some work experience.

This is my first visit to the eastern emirate.

I was told by people in Dubai that Fujairah was backward, way out ‘in the boondocks,’ that the people are ‘mountain goats’ and hillbillies but I think that’s a lot of elitist talk. I've met some great people.

I’d like to encourage people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to come and see Fujairah firsthand.

Sure there aren’t the glitzy towers and the Ruler of Fujairah doesn’t seem to be on Facebook and Twittering like our Sheikh Mo but he is deep, caring, tolerant, and he is putting Fujairah on the map.

The pace of life is slower here and if you can’t relocate, this is the ideal place for a weekend to get away from the hassle and there’s certainly no problem with traffic congestion.

There’s the beach over the road and plenty of boats to get out onto the water.

You asked me what I am doing? I have a cushy number. I work at the Fujairah Night Souk so from 6.00pm until 2 in the morning I take people for rides in ever increasing circles around the park on the Fujairah corniche.

Then I have the whole day to myself to chew my cud, chomp through a few bales of hay and just hang out, as you do in Fujairah.

At least I can breathe deeply in Fujairah without getting my lungs full of smog and sheesha smoke.

How much do people pay for my professional services? I am glad you asked that question even though I am sensitive about it. Only Dh10 a ride! Frankly, they are undercharging for my services. I feel somewhat devalued at only 10 dirhams a pop but everything is so cheap here in Fujairah.

Your children might like a ride on the little pony that has also come across from Dubai. Frankly he is a real jerk.

He is a pretty number and the women seem to swoon over his palomino mane. I am disgusted that he is being charged out at the same price as me—10 dirham for a ride on that miniature!

And here I am providing experience, authentic Emirati heritage, maturity, depth and the unique experience of sitting on a hump and that little git brings in the same income as me! I guess it’s all about living in recession days.

What else can you do? Check out this article and this posting for more details about the Fujairah Night Souk.

No, I’m not the same camel as was here during Ramadan when the Souk opened. The first camel to come over was ‘Sudany’ but I think she fretted being away from hustle and bustle of Dubai.

My name is Mabrook which is a beautiful Arabic word (مبروك) that means ‘congratulations’ or much deeper than that—‘you are blessed’.

It is akin to the word ‘mubarak’ which we say at the time of Eid—‘Eid mubarak’.

Perhaps that’s why they brought me over during the Eid holiday, to be a blessing.

Come across for the weekend, drop in to the Night Souk and I will take you for a ride.

You will be blessed!

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Images: The many faces of Mabrook.

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