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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Try Out the Harbour Club Bar and Restaurant in Fujairah UAE

If you were familiar with the former restaurant in the Fujairah International Marine Club (the one that is in the shape of a ship) you will be surprised when you visit the new restaurant in the same place but now called The Harbour Club.

Opening Next Tuesday
The Harbour Club has had a soft opening with limited hours over Ramadan but next Tuesday evening, 6 October 2009, is the grand opening.

Between 6.00-9.00pm appetizers (finger food) will be served and the bar will be open. The food and the drinks will be free. This is a great opportunity to see the new facility and to celebrate with the owners, directors, manager and staff.

You’re Invited Anytime
At the moment the Harbour Club opens from 12 (midday) and closes at 2 (in the morning).

The directors and manager have a host of ideas and sometime this month they may be introducing the Friday brunch.

A Happy Hour is held every day between 6-8pm during which time if people pay for three drinks (beers) they will get one free.

Unique Features
The innovations are a pleasant surprise with these main features a stand-out:

The Huge Bar
This is the striking feature which hits you when you enter in by the main door at the stern of the building. Is this the biggest bar in the Emirates? It has 50 chairs all the way around and you can not only get a drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) but you can have your meal there. The six television monitors (three on either side) mean you can drink and eat as you watch the football, rugby, cricket or motor car racing.

Multipurpose Bar and Restaurant
Some hotels have the dining room or restaurant as the main or only feature while in other places the bar is central. The Harbour Club has both with much more. Beyond the 50 stools around the bar there are about 10 semi-circular enclaves (on the port or left side), each catering for 4-6 people while on the starboard (right side) there are many conventional dining tables. The bar goes through to a large restaurant dining room that has a diversity of tables and seating areas. A staff party could easily be staged in one part of this room without the noise annoying private diners.

The door on the seaward side takes you outside to a terrace which has a varied combination of uses—in the direction of the Fujairah port is a large number of couches and coffee tables where people can drink and smoke shisha and toward the Night Souk there is a large outside bar and a host of tables and chairs under sun umbrellas. As the weather cools, the terrace will be a popular place.

At the stern of the restaurant there is a private room (with a comfortable capacity of 45 people) where people can eat and functions can be held along with equipment such as a screen and a data projector.

The sound system is top class with music beamed inside as well as on the terrace.
Television monitors are stationed at regular intervals in the bar and main restaurant area.

Directors and Staff
The owners and directors are American or American Lebanese who have significant expertise in developing restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The manager, Zammel, comes from Tunisia where his thoughts about the hospitality industry have been shaped by the mix of Arabic, French and Italian influences.

The American influence is reflected in the menu (huge burgers, American whiskeys, bar stools) but the British influence is evident in such things as the spelling of the name (Harbour rather than harbor), some English dishes and the Irish drinks. Yet no one cultural strain dominates.

The staff seems eager, knowledgeable, courteous and proud of what they are offering to the UAE.

Attractive Atmosphere
The vision of The Harbour Club is to offer something to Fujairah, visitors from other emirates and tourists something that goes beyond meals and drinks. This elusive quality is the atmosphere that gives people a place to which they will want to return. The diversity of areas around the bar, in the dining room and out on the terrace means that people will not quickly tire of this facility. Beyond this is a massive upstairs space and ideas are percolating about how this might be used in the future. Perhaps the word ‘club’ captures the culture and sense of belonging that the owners and management want to cultivate.

Current Menu
Much thought has gone into the components and overall range of the menu which is likely to change with the seasons and the customer feedback.

The prices are neither cheap nor ‘through the roof’ but they are consistent with the high standard and the fine service that The Harbour Club is offering.

The Harbour Club Menu (prices in UAE dirhams)
Calamari-market fresh, lightly buttered, served with tartar sauce and marinara-38
Spinach and artichoke dip- a classic, served with fresh tostada chips-35
Bruschetta-tomato, basil and fresh olives spread-30
Fried pickles-straight from New Orleans, lightly battered, served with tartar dressing and marinara-29
Nachos-classic cheese nachos with all the fixin's-add chicken 5 aed-36
Stuffed mushrooms-with feta and parmesan cheese, lightly fried-35
Honey mustard chicken skewers-marinated in our honey mustard dressing and grilled-35
Quesadillas-mixed cheeses, vegetables, served with all the fixin's. add chicken 5 aed-39
Fish cakes-made with hammour and spices, pan-seared-37

The Harbour Club salad-mixed greens, grilled chicken, carrots, coriander with honey lime and peanut dressing-44
Caesar salad-romaine lettuce, croutons and parmesan with Caesar dressing. add grilled chicken 5 aed-44
Grilled tuna salad-mixed greens, grilled tuna, potato, green beans, tomatoes with balsalmic vinaigrette-42
Rocket salad-rocket, cherry tomatoes, toasted pinenuts with balsalmic vinaigrette-33

Soup of the Day
Chef’s choice-made fresh daily-28

Gourmet burgers & sandwiches-freshly prepared and served with french fries
Classic burger-fresh ground beef, toasted roll, with mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onion slice and dill pickles-43
Classic burger with cheese-swiss, cheddar, American-45
Hickory burger-our classic burger topped with aged cheddar, and our special hickory sauce-47
Grilled chicken sandwich-served with lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and honey mustard-42
The harbour "club"-smoked turkey, mozzarella cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, triple-decker style-38
Vegetarian burger-served with lemon mayo, lettuce and tomato-36

Main courses/entrees
Fish of the day-chef's choice or hammour, served with sautéed vegetables and mash potatoes-48
Ribeye steak-seasoned and grilled, served with sautéed vegetables and mash potatoes-90
Filet-seasoned and grilled, served with sautéed vegetables and mashed potato-90
Herb marinated chicken-served with sautéed potatoes and grilled vegetables-42
Southwestern chicken-grilled chicken, topped with barbecue sauce, melted cheeses and served with grilled veges and mashed potatoes-48
Fajitas-a south of the border classic, beef or chicken, served with guacamole, sour cream, mixed cheeses and pico de gallo-60
Fish & chips-just the way you remember it!-45
Spaghetti bolognese-a traditional favorite-42
Omelet-Swiss cheese and vegetables, served with sautéed potatoes-33

French fries-15
Veggies-grilled, sautéed or steamed. (bell peppers, sweet peppers, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms)-22
Mash potatoes-17
Green beans-15
Mixed green salad-15

Pizza Menu
Margherita-homemade pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella-28
Choice of toppings:
+ black olives, mushrooms rocket, grilled veggies, fresh basil, artichokes, anchovies, capers, sweet capsicum 2 aed per topping
+ parmesan cheese, feta cheese, gargonzola cheese, extra mozzarella cheese 3 aed per topping
+ beef pepperoni, grilled chicken 5 aed per topping

All prices are inclusive of 10% municipality fee and 10% service charge

Champagnes & Sparkling Wines
Moet et chandon brut imperial, France-505
Jacob's Creek pinot noir, Australia-272

White wine
Jindalee chardonnay, Australia-26/132
Chablis moreau et fils, France-350
Frascati classico, Italy-188
Mouton cadet Bordeaux blanc, France-440
Piesporter Michelsberg riesling, Germany-188
Gavi di gavi Cosseti, Italy-327
Pinot grigio riff, Italy-217
Jacob's Creek chardonnay, Australia-212

Red wine
Jindalee cabernet sauvignon, Australia-26/132
Barrel select semilion, France-290
Valpolicella bonacosta-masi, Italy-230
Rioja tinto crianza-cune-rioja, Spain-212
Jacob's Creek shiraz, Australia, 212
Mad Fish shiraz, Australia-230
Wynd Estate. Bin 888, Australia, 170

Mateus Rose, Portugal-182

Bottled Beer
Amstel light-22

Draught Beer
Heineken ice-30
Amstel light-27
John Smith-30

Fresh peach billini-36
Mai tai-30
Pina colada-30
Planters punch-30
Melon cooler-30

Feeling Fruity-24
Smoothie Classico-24
Sirena Enamorada-24
Fruit Punch-24
Cranberry Lips-24
Pina Cool-24
Milk Shake-24

All prices are inclusive of 10% municipality fee and 10% service charge

Taste and See
Give the Harbour Club in Fujairah a try. There is a car park within the grounds of the marina. The Harbour Club is on to something important as they identify some gaps in the restaurant range in Fujairah and seek to complement and provide what residents and tourists are seeking.

You will notice that no desserts are listed on the menu. This was a disappointment for one who always feels the need to ‘top off’ a meal with something sweet. When I asked I discovered that there is Chocolate Cake offered. What a generous serving. I was not disappointed.


The Harbour Club Restaurant & Bar

Fujairah International Marine Club

P O Box 2099


Tel: +971 09 222 2125

Fax: +971 09 224 3103

Email: harbourclb@gmail.com

Web: www.theharbourclub.ae


Zammel Ezzeddine

Mob: +971 50 2925629

Email: zammel.ezzeddine@gmail.com

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Dr Geoff Pound

Geoff can be contacted by email at geoffpound(at)gmail.com on Facebook and Twitter.

Image: Scenes of The Harbour Club.

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