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Fujairah Collage
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Facts about Fujairah Port

I am grateful to D R Bhoopathy (a.k.a Oldsailor) at Marine Buzz for permission to repost this fact sheet on the Fujairah Port:

The port of Fujairah is the second largest bunkering port of the world. The first is Singapore and the third is Rotterdam.

Here are some interesting features of the Port of Fujairah:

* Port of Fujairah is located on the Eastern Seaboard of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), approximately 70 nautical miles from the Straits of Hormuz.

* Construction of the Port was started in 1978 to develop UAE and full operations of the port commenced in 1983.

* Port of Fujairah is dredged to 15 metres.

* Port of Fujairah acts as a centre to meet the requirements of shipping community in the Middle East and the surrounding region.

*Port of Fujairah offers the following services:
+Container Handling
+General Cargo
+Bulk Cargo
+Ro/Ro Services
+Marine Service
+Fujairah Anchorage
+Bunkering, Marine Supply, Ship Repair

* Port of Fujairah Anchorage can accommodate up to 100 vessels at any time.

* Services such as Bunkering, Ship supplies, Ship Repair, Spare Repair, Spare parts and Inspection are provided as “One Stop Shop” service to vessels at Anchorage.

* Crew changes to and from the Anchorage has reached an average of 2,500 personnel monthly.

* The ‘Flying Angel’ the World’s first floating seafarers’ centre is available on full time service in the Port of Fujairah.

* Port of Fujairah Anchorage has a fleet of 80 independently owned and professionally operated Supply vessels.

* On shore tank capacity was not less than 1.8 million cubic metres as in year 2003.

* Port of Fujairah Anchorage is totally safe and secure with regular patrol and policing.

* More than 25 years old single hull tankers, regardless of their GRT are not allowed to call at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area for cargo operation. This includes Oil & Chemical Tankers and LPG & LNG carriers carrying oil products.

* International Airport is located 5 kilometres from the Port Gate.

Here is an interesting video clip of Port of Fujairah.

More information on Fujairah is here and on Port of Fujairah is here.

Source: Port of Fujairah, Marine Buzz, 29 August 2008

It should also be noted that while this article and the Port promotional literature allude to the patrolling and policing, Port officials have been ineffective in policing the increasing number of oil spills that are damaging the Fujairah coastline and marine life. An article in The National, (20 July 2008) entitled ‘Oil Threatens Fujairah Fishing Industry says:

“Officials say ships regularly flout local and international laws by dumping waste, but they have brought no prosecutions and rely on a skeleton monitoring system to keep an eye on vessels.”

Dr Geoff Pound

PS Most of these figures relate to 2003 and I suspect they have changed dramatically. It is difficult getting up to date stats. Do let me know if you have a link to the latest numbers.

Image: Fujairah Port

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