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Fujairah Collage
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fujairah Observer Now Online

In November 2006 someone posted this query on the Trip Advisor with the heading, ‘Fujairah Forum’:

“Is Fujairah's magazine The OBSERVER still existing? It was being taken cared of by Mrs. Valentine... I just lost contact when we left Fujairah but it is a very informative local magazine and I would like to be updated... do they have a website?”

The good news for Fujairah residents and ex-residents is that the Fujairah Observer is now online.

The new web site (like the monthly magazine) posts helpful information about Fujairah, it contains some back copies of the magazine, there is a forum on which you can discuss Fujairah issues, there are links to other sites and most importantly some classified ads—this is a good place when you want to sell your car, check out Fujairah employment opportunities or advertise your next meeting.

The Editor-in-Chief, Dr Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi, the Managing Editor, Virginia Valentine and the whole team at the Fujairah Observer do a terrific job.

In a booming city that does not have its own newspaper the Fujairah Observer has provided over the years an important glue, especially for the English speaking community. It introduces readers to Fujairah personalities and provides informative articles as well as some amusing trivia.

Let other people know of this new web site, especially your friends and families in other countries and former Fujairah residents.

Turn up the volume as you click on this link: Fujairah Observer.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: The front cover of the Fujairah Observer, June 2008 edition.

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