Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fujairah Building Boom includes More Hospitals

In this ‘Fujairah Building Boom’ series (which begins here) mention has already been made of the new hospital being constructed at the entrance to Fujairah from Dubai.

There is also another new hospital going up in the city, located in the Al Faseel area.

The structure is visible from the Al Faseel Road (the main road north between the Hilton Hotel and the Fujairah Port). One approaches it down Al Luluah Road, the same road one would take to the Women’s College (HCT). While it is not a high structure patients and workers will certainly get some therapeutic views as they look out on one side to the beach and from the other to the Hajar Mountains.

This hospital (see picture) is called the ‘Fujairah Private Hospital’. It has been at least three years in the making and it has just got a coat of paint. It is difficult to ascertain how near it is to completion on the inside.

If there is one area in Fujairah that is undergoing enormous expansion it is the suburb of Faseel.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: The ‘Fujairah Private Hospital’ viewed from the eastern (beach) side. [Click to enlarge]


Anonymous said...

hi dr geoff, i am a filipino nurse who wish to work in fujairah private hospital,i saw the pictures you've posted and its nice. want to see more of it.can you post more pics? tnx in advance. God bless.

Geoff Pound said...

Nice to hear from you. There is not much change from the outside and people cannot get access to the inside.

At this stage more pics will not give you more insight than you already have.

I do not know the timetable for the opening.

If I do I will post a link on this article.

All the best in your work and calling as a nurse.


Anonymous said...

ok,, thank you very much sir. anyway, is fujairah far from the popular dubai?.... and it seems that fujairah is not that busy place compared to dubai and abu dhabi,what can you say about that? tnx again. hope to meet you there soon.

Geoff Pound said...

Fujairah is a 90 minute drive from Dubai.

Each of the different cities in the UAE have their strong points.

Glad of your interest.


eyedocj said...

hi geoff, this is dr. juliano, a filipino doctor who just joined emirates medical services. my company is under fujairah national group and has been active in recruiting nurses for their new hospital. it is slated to open by march next year with its out-patient department. the other departments will open soon. a team just went to the philippines on a recruiting mission. hope to see you around

Anonymous said...

Good day Dr. Juliano. I have been working for nearly 6 years in Abu Dhabi but because my family works in Fujeirah and the commute between Abu Dhabi and Fujeirah is very exhausting, i would like to apply for the Fujeirah Private Hospital, but i am not fillipino. My nationality is South African. Please can you direct me to a recruitment agency?

Geoff Pound said...

Hi Doc.

I am unsure which recruitment firm deals directly with this hospital.

Try Googling the key words.

This link may help:

I will let you know if I find any info.