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Fujairah Collage
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Re-Registering Your Vehicle at Shamil in Fujairah UAE

Registering or re-registering your car is probably different in Fujairah from other cities where you have done this.

Here are some of the basics as they apply at the moment but be aware that the procedures and prices are bound to change.

Check with Shamil Fujairah on (09) 223 1968.

Where Do You Go?
The Shamil Vehicle Testing and Registration Center is the place you need to drive each year for your annual registration renewal although check the web site (link above for new testing places in al Fujairah).

Coming from Fujairah’s main street there is a major intersection 1.5 kms from the last roundabout (Toyota Car company) before heading towards Dubai.

Approaching the intersection the traffic is extremely heavy so it may be good to go early in the day. At the intersection where there are traffic lights you need to get into the left lane to turn left and where there are signs toward the ‘Al Hayl Industrial area’.

About 2kms along this road take the road going right (it has a sign indicating ‘Shamil’). The vehicle testing center is 0.5 kms and is at the end of the road on the left.

Testing Process
Drive up and into one of the 2 lanes. You will need:
* Current Car registration card
* To know the model of your car
* Old insurance policy papers

They will put your details into a machine and give you a Number which will later come up on the digital board inside telling you when your car is ready.

Leave your car running and take your Number into the air-conditioned waiting area.

The length of time it takes to test your car depends on the number of cars they are processing. On the previous day when I last visited they had tested 83 cars but they test up to 100 a day or as low as 60 cars. It took 10 minutes for them to test my car.

When the board indicates and sounds your number you go to the appropriate counter. If there is work to be done you take your list of things and get the car fixed before returning for retesting. Re-testing (I think) is free within 15 days and after that you have to pay a further fee.

If your car is OK you pay Dh60 for the testing services.

There are agents for insurance companies within this facility where you can purchase comprehensive car insurance. You need to determine the value of the car and pay then and there. Their credit card facility had not working for weeks so you may need to take your debit card and use the ATM in this facility or take enough cash (this could be Dh1500-3000 etc depending on the value of the car).

One pays for 13 months of insurance and what you haven’t used is credited to your next year’s cover.

The form stating that your vehicle is insured for the next 13 months is essential for completing the process.

The next few steps can all be accomplished at Shamil (a one-stop shop) rather than going down to the Police Station on the main road.

Registering at the Police Station
You go back down the road, turn right into the main road and within 0.6 kms on the right side is the Ministry of Interior Fujairah Police Station.

At the central information island you present your current car registration card and tell them you have come to complete the re-registration of your car.

You will be given another Number and asked to go on the left side for car registration (the right side of the building is for driver licensing). You may notice that some people come in with the two number plates from off their car as previously presentation of these was required to certify that this was your car.

When your number is called you go to the appropriate counter.

Payment of Fines?
The officer will check your car registration number and inform you whether you have any fines for speeding, running through red lights etc. There is a phone number you can ring to find this out anytime you think you have been clocked on a speed camera.

If you have fines you must pay these before you can complete the registration process. It might pay to take a stash of money!

Registration Sticker and Card
When this step is completed you pay Dh145, get a receipt and a sticker that you will need to apply to the rear number plate indicating when your car registration expires eg. ‘10/2010’.

You then proceed to the end of the building towards the road where a new car registration card is made. When you receive this you should get a message in Arabic and in English on your mobile phone saying: “UAE Traffic—The vehicle license of [your car number] Fujairah has been renewed on [date]. Thank you and we wish you safe driving. Sender—UAE Traffic.”

After such a process this is the best text message you will receive! Treat yourself to a coffee!

Dr Geoff Pound

Geoff can be contacted by email at geoffpound(at)gmail.com on Facebook and Twitter.

Image: The Shamil Vehicle Testing and Registration Center, Fujairah.

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