Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fujairah Corniche Undergoes Beautification but What is that New Building?

In this cooler season, Fujairah’s Department of Public Works and Agriculture is undertaking a tree and flower planting frenzy along the main road on the city’s waterfront.

Twenty-four date palms like the one pictured are being planted between the Fish Roundabout (location of the Fujairah International Marine Club) and the Rugaylat roundabout (the next roundabout moving south).

The supervisor said it should all be "finished by Tuesday in šā’ Allāh."

New palms have also been planted within the Marine Club property which will add colour and life amid all the concrete and paving.

It is good to see the Municipality spending money on these palms that come from a nursery in the town of Siji, Fujairah.

Flowers (marigolds, petunias etc) will be planted in the next stretch of road toward the Hilton Hotel.

The city will benefit from a little beautifying.

Question for Quiz Night
In this photo you can see excavations being undertaken for a new building between the boat storage area of the Marine Club and the Tourist Night Souk.

What is the future function of this two-storey building (one floor underground) and two more points for being able to describe the logo that will adorn its exterior?

Dr Geoff Pound

Geoff can be contacted by email at geoffpound(at)gmail.com on Facebook and Twitter.

Image: Palm trees and a new building for some prime real estate on the Fujairah corniche. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE.

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