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Fujairah Collage
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Siji Hotel Apartments for Style and Service in Fujairah, UAE

Renovated Twin Towers
Former residents of the Faseel ‘Twin Towers’, as they were affectionately known, will be amazed at the renovations undertaken to transform them into the luxury Siji Hotel Apartments in Fujairah, UAE.

Visitors were amazed at the space and solid character of these apartments but now they are also stamped with a new and high quality finish.

Business Pitch
These apartments are available for rental on a casual, weekend basis but most are being leased on a long term arrangement. It is clear that the Siji is pitching its services toward the residential and visiting business clientele.

There are many features designed to attract business people to these 5 star hotel apartments.

Staggering Spaciousness
Talk about ‘room to swing a cat’ for at the Siji you could swing a menagerie! The sheer size and spaciousness of these apartments is one of the most striking features of the Siji in Faseel.

Large areas in all the rooms and high ceilings create a feeling of largesse. Add to this the solid walls and one is mindful of how quiet are these apartments.

Each apartment has a maid’s room and the building also has a driver’s room if your chauffeur is driving you over to Fujairah for the weekend.

These hotel apartments surpass in size everything else in the UAE.

Diversity in Dining
* The main restaurant has a sumptuous menu offering regional, continental, Mediterranean and Far Eastern cuisine (buffet and à la carte). This is the only restaurant in the region where diners can sit up at a station and experience Teppanyaki dining.

* An exclusive Executive Lounge offers snacks, pastries, cakes, coffees and teas.

* A Pool Snack bar is offering drinks, snacks and dishes suitable for the open-air.

* The Faseel Café on the ground floor that is becoming popular with Fujairah residents and tourists serves Starbucks coffee among its beverages, is one of the few places to sell decaffeinated coffee and has a wide range of Häagen Dazs ice cream and chocolate cakes.

* If you want to eat in your apartment there is 24 hours in-room dining.

All the equipment is state of the art:

* The Business Centre is enormous and comes with two different parts—one that is furnished with computer stations and the other with a lounge and television.

* There is high speed Internet in every apartment.

* Wi-Fi is available all through the towers, including the café and areas around the pool.

* Stylish telephones and digital ready satellite LCD TV systems.

Fitness and Relaxation
The Siji Hotel Apartments in Faseel boast the latest ergonomic fitness machines in a fully equipped gymnasium that is staffed by trained personnel who can guide and ensure your safety.

The swimming pool area is being developed for communal activities (BBQs, picnics) where snacks, outside food and drinks are available.

There is a separate steam bath and sauna for men and women and a massage centre where you can book regular treatments for complete relaxation, health and fitness.

Quality Service
From restaurants to the business centre, car parking and cleaning, baby sitting and airport shuttle buses, ‘service’ is the operative word.

All apartments are fully serviced three times a week.

Strategic Location
Anywhere in Fujairah is within easy reach but the new Siji is located in the suburb of Faseel which is burgeoning with new hospitals, villas, shopping malls and commercial buildings towards the Port and Fujairah Free Zone.

These hotel apartments at the distinctive coffeepot roundabout are literally a stone’s throw from the beach and the panoramic views of the sea from the rooms are among the best in Fujairah.

Negotiate Your Price
The apartments are priced at the higher end of the range in Fujairah. Prices vary according to whether you want a two or three bedroom apartment, the length of the rental period and how many from your company are going to be housed at the Siji. Business people know that everything can be negotiated!

For more information and inspections contact Shankar Bharadwaj, Director of Sales and marketing.

Siji Hotel Apartments, P O Box 1199, Al Nakheel Road, Fujairah, UAE.
Tel: +971 9 2232 222
Fax: +971 9 2232 333
Email: sijiapt(at)eim.ae
Website: www.adsh.ae

Dr Geoff Pound

Geoff can be contacted by email at geoffpound(at)gmail.com on Facebook and Twitter.

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