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Fujairah Collage
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Chinese Restaurant Puts Karaoke on the Fujairah Menu

The new Chinese restaurant, the Zhonghua Huiguan, opened for business a few weeks ago but the eating areas and the Night Club were officially opened (see report and photos) on 8 October 2010.

Facilities Offered
Here is a summary of the many new facilities of this new Chinese eating and entertainment establishment that is occupying the first floor of the Fujairah International Marine Club.

+ Five private dining rooms (of different sizes) equipped with ‘lazy Susan’ in the middle of the round tables.

+ A public dining area with four tables (each with four chairs), most of which have a wonderful view over the Arabian Sea.

+ All up the restaurant can serve 70 people at one time.

+ The items on the menu (see links below) are predominantly traditional Chinese dishes, along with other Asian delights.

+ The restaurant has been stylishly decorated with traditional Chinese wall paper and there is a centrally placed chandelier for lighting.

+ Each private room comes with a karaoke music system that has a screen, speakers, microphones and a computer from which you can select the song you would like to sing to other guests in whatever language you desire.

+ In the restaurant there is an extensive drinks menu (see link below) which are served from a small bar. The menu includes popular international beers, traditional Chinese drinks and spirits with which to help you to sing with gusto!

Bar and Night Club
Through the swinging doors (and going in the direction of the stern of the ship) one enters the Night Club which can easily accommodate 100 people. This consists of the following facilities:

+ A huge bar

+ A stage for the band and dancers

+ A sizeable dance floor

+A seated area to the starboard side of the ship

+ Two karaoke rooms (large and smaller size) off each side of the Night Club for a more private singing and dance experience under coloured lights.

+ The kitchen for the restaurant and Night Club is off the Night Club on the port side.

Coffee Bar
Going further to the back of the ship beyond the Night Club is a coffee bar. On the port (left) side one can exit to an outside barbeque. On the starboard (right side) this goes out to a coffee drinking area.

Al Fresco Dining and Balcony Views
Going beyond the external coffee area with intimate nooks one comes to the huge balcony area. This will be great in the cooler months for outside dining and shisha and it doubles as an observation deck that will be used by the Fujairah International Marine Club on race days.

All in All
There are many parts to this new eating and entertainment establishment in Fujairah. It has places for public and private dining, a Night Club with entertainment but many smaller rooms and areas for a more intimate experience.

Take a Look
Check out some of the photos in this photograph album.

Download the Menus

Take a look and download the food menu and the drinks menu from the Zhonghua Huiguan Chinese Restaurant and Night Club but be aware that the items and prices will change. Some of the names of the dishes get lost in translation.

Location and Contact
The Zhonghua Huiguan Restaurant and Night Club is located on the first floor of the Fujairah International Marine Club.
P. O. Box 2099
Tel: 971 (0)9 2249718
Fax: 971 (0)9 2249318

Geoff Pound

This article is also posted on the Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page upon which many more articles and links are posted than on this blog.

Image: One of the dining tables in the public eating area which has sensational sea views.

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