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Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wael Al Sayegh Shares His Poetry in Fujairah

Wael Al Sayegh, the Emirati writer, visited Fujairah earlier this week.

Hosted by the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), Wael shared poems from his latest book, ‘There Is An Elephant in the Majlis’.

Having been born in Edinburgh, raised in Dubai, received his Masters degree from the University of Glasgow and now working as an inter-cultural consultant, Wael’s poetry reflects influences that are both local and international.

The medium this Emirati poet uses is free verse which allows readers and hearers to experience creativity and a prophetic voice that is particularly incisive when addressing issues to do with the Emirates and the Arab world.

Wael Al Sayegh formerly published two books of poetry in English—‘A Poet’s Oud’ and ‘I Often Wonder’—but ‘There Is An Elephant in the Majlis’ is written in both Arabic and English.

Taste an Elephant
Enjoy this poem from Wael’s latest collection:

The Prisoner of Tradition
Her black eyes
are a sea
of unexplored emotions.

Her slender body
A dormant volcano of dreams and hopes.

She is the prisoner of tradition.
A slave to a people
who have long forgotten
the importance of the flesh.

The colour of her skin
is yellowed now
deprived of the kiss of the sun.

Wael's books are available at Amazon or at any Magrudy's book store in the UAE.

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Geoff Pound

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Image: Wael Al Sayegh (courtesy of his website).

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