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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Taxi Fares Increase in Fujairah UAE

Taking a Taxi in and from Fujairah
If you travel by taxi around Fujairah you will have noticed a slight fare increase (instituted on 11 October 2010).

When the driver turns on the meter it now starts at AED 3 instead of AED 2.5 in the daytime and for night rides it has gone up from AED 3 to AED 3.5.

The minimum fare is now AED 5.

The meter is now calibrated to cost passengers AED 1 for every 750 metres whereas previously one got 800 metres for each dirham.

The starting rate for inter-emirate trips is AED 10.

The increase does not appear to have resulted in a salary increase for the drivers, many of whom say that there are too many taxis in Fujairah (700 at the last count) for the number of people wanting to ride by taxi.

The taxi fares are still very cheap and Fujairah prices are at the lower end of the UAE fare spectrum.

Interesting to reflect that only a few years ago Fujairah taxis were white and generally small, drivers were not in uniform, meters were not installed and one could ride anywhere in Fujairah city for only AED 5.

Going by Taxi in Fujairah UAE, FIF, 20 October 2010.
Fujairah Taxis, FIF, 13 August 2008.
Taxis in Dubai, Fujairah and Other Emirates, Experiencing the Emirates, 13 August 2008.

Geoff Pound

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Image: Watching a Fujairah taxi meter ticking over faster this week.

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