Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fascinating Combinations in Fujairah

Dates and Dried Fish
The Rashid Dates Shop is in a row of date shops on the northern side of the Fujairah Fish Souq.

There are so many varieties of dates in this shop and the vendor is eager to let you taste them with the thought that once you sample one you won’t want to leave his shop without a kilo or two.

What caught my attention were the sacks of dried fish standing outside the date shop. They had such a pungent smell and the shopkeeper mentioned that the fish had been caught in Fujairah waters and then dried on the beach.

I had never thought of dates and fish together in a shop, on a menu or on the meal table but maybe this is one of Fujairah’s fascinating combos.

Dates and Wheat
There’s a new shop being established near the roundabout where Moh’d Bin Matar Rd connects, diagonally across from where the large mosque is being built, opposite K.M. Trading and on the road that leads down to the old Fujairah suburb of Madhab.

One of the new shops in this row has the beautiful sign, Dates and Wheat. The shop does not appear to be ready for business but it has a web site in the making. Dates and wheat! This is another interesting Fujairah combination.

Geoff Pound

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James O'Hearn said...


I am disappointed in you. As Fujairah man, with an unparalleled knowledge of that tiny, distant emirate, it surprises me to read that you had no idea what "Dates and Wheat" is.

It's not something new, it is actually something old, getting bigger.

They are, by far, the finest purveyors of mammoul in the country. I first came across their delicacies at the Global Village in Dubai, and since then, , and colleagues of mine, will periodically pick up the phone and order a big pile of goodies form them, because they will deliver over great distances.

Geoff Pound said...

Thanks James. Great comment. Can't want for the mammoul tasting!