Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Data Collection in Fujairah is a Team Affair

The Fujairah ‘Data Updating for Population, Residences and Establishments’ is very much a process in teamwork.

Ruler’s Decree
When His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the UAE Supreme Council and the Ruler of Fujairah, ordered an emirate-wide census to be staged in 2011, the Fujairah Statistics Center swung into action, led by the CEO, Dr. Ibrahim Saad.

Skilled and Trained
The statisticians have had to finalize the questions and the survey stages, the IT personnel have created software for the PDAs to receive and transfer the data, 29 surveyors thus far have been selected and trained on the process, supervisors have been readied to sort out local issues and the promotional experts have been letting the public know what to expect in their area.

Fujairah Residents
The most important players in the Tehdees ul Bayanat, (Project for Data Updating) are the residents of Fujairah. While Stage 1 (16 January to 15 February) and Stage 2 (6 March to 5 April) are about counting buildings, residences and establishments, the final stage (1 May to 31 May) will involve all residents giving information that will help the Fujairah Government to plan roads, bridges, houses and amenities for the future.

Take a Look
Some photos of some of the key players in Stage 1 of the Fujairah ‘Data Updating for Population, Residences and Establishments’ are posted in this photo album. Do you recognize any of them? One of them is currently counting buildings in your area.

People Count in Fujairah, FIF, 16 January 2011.
Data Updating in Fujairah Conducted by Surveyors with PDAs, FIF, 29 December 2010.
Fujairah Ruler Orders Census in 2011, FIF, 26 December 2010.

Geoff Pound

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Image: The ‘Data Updating for Population, Residences and Establishments’ is a real team effort of statisticians, marketers and IT personnel at the Fujairah Statistics Centre, under the leadership of Dr. Ibrahim Saad (seated in the front row before the water bottles).

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