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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Long Shankar and Family!

Shankar Bharadwaj, one of Fujairah’s identities, is soon to leave the emirate to launch a new hotel in Bahrain.

While serving in the hotel industry in Dubai for many years, Shankar and his family moved to Fujairah in 2002 where he became the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Al Diar Siji Hotel. During these years Shankar represented the manager in implementing the high quality standards laid out by the International Standards Operation (ISO) and he supervised the launching of the Siji Hotel Apartments in Faseel.

In 2009 Shankar joined Fujairah’s Coral Residence Tower, now renamed Coral Suites Hotel to become the Director of Sales and Marketing for this hotel and others in the Coral chain throughout the Northern Emirates.

The move to Bahrain involves being General Manager for projects associated with the Coral Hotels and initially overseeing the outfitting of a new 4 star business hotel.

People Person
Beyond his work with bookings and beds, Shankar Bharadwaj is a people person who has endeared himself to many people in Fujairah in this last decade. Warm, engaging, personable, Shankar has quickly got to know guests and members of the business community.

Boots and All
Shankar has been active in the Fujairah Indian Social Club, holding just about every position on offer. On 29 January, Shankar and his family will be thanked and farewelled by the local Indian Community.

The Fujairah Toastmasters is the other group that has benefited from Shankar’s speeches, leadership and encouragement. One of his last contributions has been to create the space at the Coral Suites Hotel for the regular meetings of the Toastmasters to be held on these premises.

By getting involved ‘boots and all’ in these two social and service organizations, Shankar has demonstrated one of the chief ways that expatriates can soon feel at home in a new country and enjoy the satisfaction of making a significant contribution.

The move to Bahrain is this time not a move to another city but a move to another country. Shankar says he and his family will miss their friends and life generally in Fujairah but they are grateful for a new opportunity and hopeful that friendships will continue.

We thank Shankar, Shreevidya and their children for the contribution they have made to the community of Fujairah and we wish them well in their new life in Bahrain.

Geoff Pound

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Images: “Shankar has demonstrated one of the chief ways that expatriates can soon feel at home in a new country and enjoy the satisfaction of making a significant contribution.”

If you haven't got his email, here is Shankar's Facebook contact through which you can send him a message and book a very cheap hotel room when you visit Bahrain!

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