Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fujairah a Popular Port of Call for Cruise Ships

The Cruise Ship Companies are going into overdrive with their promotion of upcoming cruises and Fujairah is increasingly a popular port of call.

There is a lot of publicity about ‘The Brilliance of the Seas’ ship and the NT Arabian Tours which all begin in Dubai.

The Royal Caribbean Company says, “The introduction of its ‘Brilliance of the Seas’ cruise ship to the Middle East in January 2010 will add more than 32,000 guests in her first 4-month season to the region’s burgeoning cruise sector - which is currently worth US$100 million according to Cruise Market Watch.”

Crystal Cruises has joined up with American Airlines. Take a look at the price tag for a 19 night itinerary. Must still be a lot of spare cash around in the USA. The one off price (apart from paying for your booze) is an attraction about going on a cruise as you don’t have to go searching for your wallet every time you turn up for a meal in the ship’s restaurant.

If the price of Crystal Cruises looks steep, the Regent Seven Seas Voyager calls into Fujairah in October 2009 and is being offered through the Cheap Cruise Shop. There is another RSSV ship cruising into Fujairah on 9 November 2010.

The Costa Luminosa is steaming into Fujairah on 23 March 2010 as part of the Costa Discount Cruisers. Billed for as little as $140 a day this option is one of the most competitive.

‘The Brilliance of the Seas’ carries approximately 2,500 passengers so socializing rather than solitude is what you will get. Other companies promote their small ship and personal service in contrast to being on a floating town.

The time in the Fujairah Port is generally about 6 hours which gives time to see a historic mosque, a fort or have a sweep around the city. This is rather superficial. Probably one of the greatest attractions is the Fujairah coastline and to see the glorious Hajar mountains from the ocean.

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Dr Geoff Pound

Any cruise ship companies wanting to offer a blogger a free first-hand experience of a Middle Eastern cruise, in return for a couple of stories, can contact me at geoffpound[@]gmail.com

Image: The ‘Brilliance of the Seas.’


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