Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Most Popular Postings of the Week

Checking the most popular pages on my UAE blogs Experiencing the Emirates and Fujairah in Focus is a salutary experience which underscores the realization that most people want information and answers to the questions they are asking.

Top Pages Often On Functional Topics
The top page this week on Fujairah in Focus (and for many weeks) was the article Directions from Dubai to Fujairah.

Also of a functional nature is the third most popular article on Experiencing the Emirates this week—this golden oldie: What to Wear in the UAE?

Most Popular on ETE
The most popular page on ETE this week was:
Portsmouth Gets Profile of New Football Club Owner Sulaiman Al Fahim.

This was followed in popularity by an old article whose title contains some key words that are frequently searched:
‘Sex on the Beach’ Case is Tarnishing UAE as Holiday Destination.

Most Popular on FIF
After the top post seeking directions were these popular articles on FIF:
Fujairah Forging Ahead Despite Recession.
Fujairah Pictures and Photos.
How Do We Get to Wadi Wurayah?

Got a Story?
If you have a UAE and or Fujairah story about a new product, a new venture, a new service, some new rates etc., do let me know or ask for my guidelines. I charge for writing and or running stories on these sites that promote business ventures or are about selling a new product or service.

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