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Fujairah Collage
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Always Take the Weather with You in Fujairah

Temperature in Fujairah
Just after midday in Fujairah 15 May 2010 it was 32 degrees Celsius (according to Gulf News which added that the ‘RealFeel’ was 31 degrees).

Hang on a minute….

The Weather Underground service reported it was 43 degrees.

The BBC put it at 37 degrees (but it had been read two hours earlier at 10.00am)

AMEInfo said it was 42 degrees with an ‘apparent temp’ of 40 degrees.

Find Local Weather put it at 43 degrees.

What a discrepancy in these weather sites!

Where do you get your Fujairah weather details?

According to my reckoning, I’d go for the services that were reporting 43C.

Enjoy one of the best songs written about the weather:

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