Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

REDAA Collection at Fujairah Fashion Exhibition

The REDAA label by designer Amal Murad was displayed to an appreciative audience on the opening night of the inaugural Fujairah Fashion Exhibition held at the Tennis and Country Club, 19-21 May 2010.
Amal Murad founded REDAA Fashion in 2005 and entered the global brand of abayas in her first show in 2006.
‘Redaa’ is the Arabic word for decency in clothing and this concept provides the focus for the garments.
The REDAA brand produces garments that maintain traditional elements presented with decency, elegance, creativity and style.
Murad believes that an abaya must be practical and offer freedom to the wearer but she is eager to show that the traditional garment can be trendy, modern and stylish.
As the REDAA garments combine traditional features and contemporary trends, Murad asserts that the abaya is not a garment to hide behind but, on the contrary, a means for expressing cultural values with contemporary flair.
Orders for REDAA abayas come mainly from Gulf countries but also from France and the United Kingdom. The clientele includes women of all ages with a significant interest being shown by those from western cultures.
While women’s abayas form the essence of the REDAA label, Murad is developing classical and sporty collections of men’s kandooras (dishdashas).
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Models display the REDAA garments designed by Amal Murad to the Fujairah audience.

Thanks to Alan Nambiar for all photos displayed in this article.

Information in this article is drawn from the web pages of Amal Murad as well as from a host of interviews in the public sphere.

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