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Fujairah Collage
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Longing for a Swimming Pool Complex in Fujairah

Fujairah does not generally imitate other emirates but news of the opening of the multi-purpose Dubai Sports Complex stirs up yearnings for a swimming pool complex on the east coast of the UAE.

A set of Olympic-sized pools would encourage the many east coast swimmers and help prepare them for national and international competition.

As the new Dubai complex is soon to host the 10th FINA World Swimming Championships, a facility in Fujairah that meets international standards would also attract major competitions to the East Coast.

A multi-purpose water complex in Fujairah would boost competitive swimming and diving and become an attractive amusement asset, both for residents and tourists to the east coast.

Fujairah Swimming Championships and Future Hopes, FIF, 1 November 2009.

Geoff Pound

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Unknown said...

Are there any indoor swimming pools in Fujairah?

Unknown said...
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Geoff Pound said...

Bill, can't think of any. Most hotel pools are outside, up on the top floor open to the skies. Ditto for apartment towers.

Geoff Pound said...

Not that I know of, Bill.

Unknown said...

How we can find out as it's really important to have an indoor swimming pool specially for pregnant woman

Geoff Pound said...

Good point Hanenek.

Take it up with the Government Office.