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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fujairah Ruler Orders Census in 2011

Ruler Decrees
On the order of His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the UAE Supreme Council and the Ruler of Fujairah, the Fujairah Statistics Center is staging a Data Updating Project in the first half of 2011.

Strictly speaking the statistical data collection is being called a ‘Data Updating for Population, Residences and Establishments’ or Tehdees ul Bayanat, which is the Arabic term to describe a ‘Project for Data Updating’.

This terminology reflects a greater breadth in the collection of data which in 2011 will collect details to do with people, establishments (shops, businesses) and buildings.

Regional Responsibility
Traditionally a census has been taken every five years in the UAE with the first one in 1975 and the last one undertaken in 2005.

There is some flexibility for each emirate to seek data that is particular to their emirate but the majority of the survey questions will be common to every emirate.

2011 Timetable
The 2011 data collection project will have three main phases:

1. 16 January to 15 February: Building & Establishment Count
2. 6 March to 5 April: A more detailed count of flats and establishments
3. 1 May to 31 May: Survey of people

Approximately one month will be allotted for each phase.

Collection Method
The collection of data will be by trained collectors using PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) which are palm held mobile computers for which software has been developed specifically for this project.

This method will enable the data to be transferred speedily in real time onto a major computer at the government department and its digital quality will make for highly efficient processing and easier analysis of the statistics.

The people of Fujairah who participate in this data collection will not have to use a PDA or computer but at the appropriate time they will be asked to provide responses to standard questions.

Coordination Team
A small but hard working team of statisticians and IT personnel at the Fujairah Statistics Center, under the leadership of Dr. Ibrahim Saad, is managing the entire process.

At present the team is finalizing software, preparing promotional material and conducting interviews and training to acquire data surveyors who can use the technology, are fluent in different languages and can relate to Fujairah residents with courtesy and respect.

Confidentiality is a serious commitment of the Fujairah Statistics Center which at all times will be conducting the data collection in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2007.

Publicity Coming
Infomercials, billboard signs and press statements will appear shortly to provide the public of Fujairah with detailed information.

People Count
The advertisement (pictured) “invites you to participate and cooperate in the success of this project.”

The purpose is not to pry into people’s private lives or keep lists for the pleasure of statisticians.

A data collection like the one ordered by His Highness is a major resource in ascertaining trends that are crucial to effective town planning. A data collection highlights social and economic needs which influence government funding and help determine the wise placement of community services such as roads, schools, shopping areas and health centres.

Contact Information
For queries and concerns please contact:
Government of Fujairah
Fujairah Statistics Center
P O Box 7779
Tel: (09) 2227265; (09) 2222111
Fax: (09) 2241808
Email: fscfuj@emirates.ae
Website: www.fscfuj.ae

Geoff Pound

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