Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Emirati Ghutrah Released in Fujairah in Time for UAE 40th National Day

National Day Attire

While there are lots of UAE 40th National Day events it is good to see the release in Fujairah of an Emirati ghutrah (men’s head dress) in the colours of the UAE flag.


This head dress is stylish with or without an agal (ropes to hold head dress in place). Made from 100% cotton, it has the words ‘Emirati’ stitched in Arabic and English. Take out the ghutrah from the packet and you will see that the map of the UAE is marked by the red patterns. The framework is coloured in black.

Fujairah Fashion Designer

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ has been produced by a Fujairah designer under the fashion label, ‘Sharqi’, the name of the major Emirati tribe in Fujairah and the UAE’s East Coast.

Shailer Soon to Appear

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ is the first clothes item that has been released under the ‘Sharqi’ label but the Emirati Shailer (women’s head scarf), also in UAE national colours, is soon to be released.


The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ sells at 350 AED. Only one size is available at the moment but more sizes are planned including an ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ for boys.

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ can be purchased at various stalls of the Heritage Village at the Fujairah Fort.

You can order it from this phone number: +971 (0) 55 6684528 plus post and delivery costs.

Be in quickly because they are selling like hot cakes.


Wearing the ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ on UAE National Day will make a significant fashion statement but after all the celebrations are over this ghutra will continue to be worn with pride on any day and occasion.

The ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ is a terrific gift idea for men who have got everything but be quick. This is a limited edition and in years to come the ‘Emirati Ghutrah’ released on the UAE 40th National Day will be a collector’s item.

Take a Look

Take a look at how the new Emirati Ghutrah looks in different styles in photos in this photo album.

Geoff Pound

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