Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

From Fujairah Scott Ragsdale Begins His 7 Ironman in 7 Day Challenge

Just before 7am this morning on the Fujairah corniche, Scott Ragsdale said he was looking forward to getting going on his 7 Ironman events in 7 days. He’s been preparing for this adventure for 9 months.

I asked him why he does this crazy stuff swimming, cycling and running 12-15 hours over the next seven days and he said:

“Last year I turned 40 and I wanted to do something that would extend me so I swam the English Channel. Then I wondered what I could do this year that would take me further and I came up with the 7 Ironman events in 7 Day Challenge.”

On his blog post yesterday he wrote about the power of the mind and he challenged people to make their goals happen. Then he concluded:

“This week and this 9 month adventure comes down to this simple thought: finish or failure.”

At 7pm he began the first day’s schedule of swimming 3.86 kilometres. He changed in a tent, put on some sunscreen and took off on his cycle to travel 180.25 kilometres before running a marathon—42.195 kilometres.

He said he felt good after his swim within the ‘banana’ out from the Fujairah Corniche. “If anything,” he said, “I swam too fast.” Swimming is the best of his three disciplines so he said after emerging from the Arabian Sea, “It’s all down hill from here now!”

Many people were at his launch with their cameras and with best wishes. Scott Ragsdale is an inspiration for simply starting. Let’s hope he can finish his adventure in the seven emirates of the UAE.

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Some photos from this morning’s start in Fujairah are posted in this photo album.

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