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Fujairah Collage
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fujairah Studying Options for Integrated Household Waste Recycling System

Here is the latest statement on Fujairah’s plans for providing recycling for all householders in the city and emirate.

The Fujairah Municipality has this wonderful new system called ‘Taht Amrek-Your Wish is My Command’, in that they want residents to offer suggestions, ask questions or make a complaint.

Fujairah Plans?

Sharjah has vowed to eliminate garbage by 2015. Abu Dhabi aims to cut waste by 80% by 2018. What about Fujairah?

I submitted a question through the website asking whether Fujairah has goals and if so, what were they and what is the timetable.

Fujairah Response

The answer came by email and an SMS alert. Here is the official word on Fujairah’s recycling plans:

“The Fujairah Municipality has similar goals as the rest of the emirates as we are all aiming for minimizing waste and having an integrated waste management system.”

“Currently, the Fujairah Municipality is studying several proposals for establishing an integrated waste management to cover the needs of the emirate regarding waste reduction at the source and safe disposal at engineering landfills.”

“There are recycling and treatment facilities for some waste types in Fujairah such as plastics, paper, steel etc. and we are developing a plan to deal with the remaining types.”

“For the timetable, we have a flexible frame as we are proceeding to fulfill our goals.”

Coming Shortly

It is good to know that work is being done to provide household recycling facilities. Add it to the list of things that are ‘Coming Soon to Fujairah’.

Geoff Pound

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Image: Recycling containers for householders to separate different types of waste.

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hamidreza aminifard said...

Mdstfyouthat is very important which fujairah is intending to have a waste recycling system, my question is?
are we cleaning and sanitizing the outdoor garbage tanks? as you know these tanks can distribute a lot of fungus, bacteria, germs and viruses inside the city