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Fujairah Collage
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Drive-Through Coffee on Fujairah Beach

After weeks of speculation about the purpose of a new building being created on Fujairah’s Umbrella Beach, a sign (pictured) has been erected on the site indicating the emergence of a Drive-Through Espresso Coffee Shop.

The concept should be a winner as long as the coffee tastes fine but the ‘Espresso’ name hopefully suggests a high quality coffee rather than a dishwater variety.

Coffee was first produced in this region and the nearby Coffeepot Roundabout stands as testimony to coffee drinking continuing to be fundamental to Arab hospitality.

The drive-through feature will go down well among a people who both love their cars and who are not given to exercising.

Other Conveniences
This drive-through Espresso shop will be a commercial venture which does not meet the hopes of many residents and tourists who have been yearning for basic amenities such as changing rooms, toilets, showers, BBQs, new tables, seats, trees and shelters.

Is there an overall plan for the entire beach or will the development take place in an ad-hoc, piecemeal fashion?

Take a Look
Some photos of the beach building site are posted in this photo album.

Renovating the Beaches of Fujairah, FIF, 19 October 2010.

Geoff Pound

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Anonymous said...

Picture indicates that it will be called "Mazaji Espresso" or "My way espresso" or "Espresso that I'm in the mood for"

Mazaji means "Up to me" "Moody"

Geoff Pound said...


Anonymous said...

These drive-thru coffee shops are popular in Saudi Arabia along all the highways.