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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Termite Control in Fujairah

Our house has just had the treatment for termite eradication as a few door frames and tiles were being eaten away and the insects were leaving trails of waste everywhere.

While there are different methods used to do the job the owner of the house employed a company that drilled deep holes one metre apart inside the house, filled them with chemicals and then stopped the holes with filler.

On the outside they bored holes into concrete paths and tiles on the patio. Where grass was close to the house they dug a deep, wide trench and poured great quantities of poison diluted in water before replacing the soil. The idea is to create a barrier that might stop termites from entering the house.

The chemical used has very little smell, is water based and is supposedly quite safe for humans and animals.

The drilling of scores of holes is extremely noisy and it creates dust that lingers and turns into mud when chemicals overflow the holes. The process takes a day so long as the drill doesn’t break.

All went smoothly apart from the main water pipe being broken in the digging of the external trench and the severing of an electric wire that put one circuit out of action.

Time will tell as to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our house is spacious with four bedrooms and the charge was 2990 AED.

Contact Details
The company that did the job:
Agricultural Enterprises & Pest Control Est.
P O Box 1455
Fujairah, UAE
Tel: 09 222 4050
Mob: 050 6167102

Their office is on the right going up Fujairah’s main street between the Incense Burner Roundabout and the Perfume Roundabout, just before the Petrol Station.

They operate over the UAE East Coast and the owner said that he controls not only termites (white ants) but cockroaches, ants, flies, bugs, mice, snake and scorpions.

This article is not an advertisement and no financial gain is being obtained from posting this. It is written with the thought that other householders in Fujairah plagued with termites might find this to be a useful reference and a starting point in thinking about the treatment and the cost.

Geoff Pound

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