Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 in Fujairah with Arabic Jazz and Chinese Lanterns

Saturday Night Live

The spot lights had the historic Fujairah fort spruced up in the colours of the rainbow—red, blue, gold, purple…—with fascinating patterns shone onto the stone. [Take a look]

It was a balmy night in Fujairah and Master of Ceremonies, Maral Shuriqi, kept the programme flowing with remarks in Arabic and English. The winds from the west made the lighting of the chinese lanterns a challenge and some lanterns suffered burn out on the launch pad. Many more ascended quickly and flew for a long time over Fujairah and out to the sea.

The Arabic fusion music presented by Kamal Masallam and his international band was a superb choice but it was a pity that more were not present to enjoy their sights, sounds and rhythm.

Beyond Earth Hour

Lots of lanterns were lit up on the steps to the fort in the shape of a ‘60’. Every one who attended received a biodegradable bag courtesy of the Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS-WWF).

The bag contained a 12 watt energy efficient light bulb (thanks to sponsors Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority) with an encouragement to join Heroes of the UAE.

A Morjan key ring came as a gift from the Fujairah Municipality Environmental Protection Section.

A EWS-WWF coffee mug states, “I have done the Enviro-Spellathon.” Give it a go.

Sheets of information were distributed suggesting to people what they can do to go beyond the sixty minutes of Earth Hour. This information is on the Earth Hour web site and there is also an opportunity to sign up to an ongoing commitment and share creative ideas through a photo competition as well as by posting these on the Beyond the Hour site.

Reduce Our Footprints

The ecological footprint we share as the UAE nation is large but the way we can transform this situation is by playing our part—businesses and industries, schools and Colleges, governments and municipalities, as well as households and individuals.

Shukran Jazeelan

Thanks to the staff of the EWS-WWF, the Fujairah Municipality and the sponsors of Earth Hour 2011 in Fujairah. It was good to do something creative and entertaining together rather than ponder the issues alone at home in the inky darkness.

Geoff Pound

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