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Monday, March 28, 2011

When the Call to Prayer from the Mosque is Too Loud in Fujairah

Where do you go in Fujairah when the call to prayer increases in volume to such an extent that it becomes deafening and even painful? Does one seek help from the Islamic Guidance Centre or take the matter to the imam in question?

The Manager of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments at the Fujairah Branch is the appropriate person to visit.

Many people visit Mr. Rashid Obaid Ali Al Dhanhani with concerns about the high volume of loudspeakers from Fujairah mosques. In his capacity as General Manager, Mr. Al Dhanhani is welcoming and he seeks to take immediate action to rectify genuine problems.

Mr. Al Dhanhani said that noise problems occur for a number of reasons such as a new mosque with amplifiers incorrectly modulated, loudspeakers being turned in a new direction or because of a new imam who gets overly excited. Sometimes the entire service is broadcast at a high volume because an imam holds the microphone too close to his lips but Mr. Al Dhanhani said he counsels the imams in the emirate to keep their microphone a good six inch distance from their mouths.


From the Fujairah Tower one heads towards the airport on Al Sharqi Road. Turn right at the Falcon Roundabout onto Airport Road so you are travelling parallel to the airport. After lots of empty space it is the second building on the right. A prominent sign is on the outside of the building but one has to enter from the rear entrance and climb the stairs to get to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments—Fujairah branch. Take a Look!

Issue of Volume

Search the Internet and you will discover that this issue crops up in every emirate. Other people, Muslims and those not Muslims have asked the same question. This isn’t a matter of having the call to prayer silenced as expats as well as citizens usually enjoy the regularity and sound of the azan (call to prayer). It’s simply an issue about excessive volume.

Contact Details

Rashid Obaid Ali Al Dhanhani

Manager of Authority Office in Fujairah

Tel: 09 2224490

Fax: 09 2227790

Dir: 09 2222142

Mob: +971 50 6496610

P O Box 179

Fujairah, UAE

Email: rashid_alobid@hotmail.com

Geoff Pound

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Image: A view of the building and office from Airport Road; the main entrance at the rear of the building.

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