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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fujairah Municipality Launches New Speedy Services

Taht Amrek

The Taht Amrek service was launched on 11 October 2011 by the Director of the Fujairah Municipality, Mohammed Saif Afkham, his deputy, Abdulla Mohamed Alhantoubi and several departmental heads.


Taht Amrek aims to speed up regular transactions carried out by the Municipality as taht amrek means, 'Your wish is my command.'

It promises to provide more options for communication and thereby give greater customer satisfaction to citizens and residents.

The new initiative revolves around five basic services:

Suggestions and Complaints

Suggestions and complaints will be received and answered in record time through these several methods:

1. Filling in a form available from the Municipality headquarters and branches and dropping it into the SUGGESTION BOX.

2. Sending suggestions and complaints through this link on the Fujairah Municipality website.

3. Making your complaint or sending your suggestion on the 24-hour toll free number: 80036222.

The customer will receive a confirmation text message with a reference number that can be used in keeping track of the complaint or suggestion.

Internet and Fax Communication
Customers will complete many of their transactions in faster time by receiving their documents via the Internet or Fax.


Free transportation to the nearest Municipality office and back home for those who don’t have transport available will be provided during official working hours. This service is limited to the emirate of Fujairah.

Document Delivery

Documents that cannot be sent via the Internet or Fax will be delivered by Empost the day after the transaction has been completed. A small cost will be charged for the delivery. This service covers all areas of the UAE, inside and outside Fujairah.

24-Hour Telephone Assistance

Customers can use the 24-hour toll free number of the Fujairah municipality—80036222—to report any problem, complaint or violation of rules.


A colourful booklet in Arabic and English is available at the Fujairah Municipality that explains the new range of advanced services for Fujairah Municipality customers.

Further Matters

+ Mohammed Saif Afkham said it was likely that the booklet would be produced in several other major languages common to Fujairah residents.

+ Mr. Afkham also said that e-dirham services would be available in the near future so residents can pay for any services to the Fujairah Municipality online by credit card or electronic funds transfer.

+ Abdulla Mohamed Alhantoubi said that many Fujairah people work in Abu Dhabi throughout the week, returning over the weekend when the Fujairah municipality offices were closed. He said that the provision of a greater range of communication options, including the Internet service and Empost delivery, would help those in this situation.

Download Your Copy

The new booklet in Arabic and English can be downloaded at this link.

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