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Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drive-In Cinema Opens in Fujairah at 10pm on 10/10/10

A First
The first Arabian-style drive-in cinema in the UAE will open for moviegoers at 10pm on 10/10/10 against the mountains of Fujairah.

Mekki Abdulla, the Chief Executive of Fujairah Media, hit every media channel today to make the announcement.

‘Arabian Cinemas’.

The idea is to enjoy a good movie under the desert sky, with refreshments and from the privacy of one’s own vehicle.

The Arabian Cinemas in Fujairah will offer the world’s most advanced 3D theatre technology in an outdoor entertainment complex featuring four drive-in digital cinemas.

Up to 7,200 patrons will be able to drive in to the movies every night with space for 800 vehicles at any one time. Prime location parking will be available for VIP Patrons.

The films screened will include Hollywood, Bollywood, Arabic-Middle Eastern and family entertainment.

Associated Facilities
The complex will also offer a recreational area for children, a playground, arcade, picnic area and a miniature golf course.

The price tag is AED 35 million or US$9.5 million.

The dream has arisen from the Fujairah Media Group, a joint venture between the Fujairah Cultural Authority and the Arab International Media Services.

It is hoped that the Arabian Cinemas will enhance Fujairah’s standing as an emerging tourist hot spot in the Middle East and will complement the city’s natural beauty with innovative technology.

How Will It Work?
1. Drive into the ground.
2. Purchase your tickets at the drive-thru ticket booth.
3. Park your vehicle in the designated space.
4. Buckle up your safety belt for the night of your life!
5. Watch movies on the giant projection screen.
6. Listen via the film’s audio FM channel.
7. Order a shawarma and other food and drink which will be brought to your car.
8. Light up a shisha to cap off a great Arabic evening.

Lift Off
Selecting the time of 10pm on the 10/10/10 relates to 10 being a perfect number—the ideal date for a perfect launch.

Additional Benefits
During the hours when movies are not screened, the Arabian Cinemas complex will be used for special events including musical concerts, cultural festivals, a golf school, driving range, car shows, flea markets etc.

The Twittersphere has been full of tweets today about ‘Fujairah Gearing up for the First-of-a-kind Multi-screen Arabian-styled Drive-In Cinema’. Here is a sample of tweets on the first day:

Jyoti: ‘Wow! Dubai lost out on this as I remember the Dubai drive in.’
Kholood says: “Always wanted to go to one; shame they want to add shisha too.’
Karl (from Dubai) asks: ‘Worth the two hour drive?’
Rashid (from Dubai): ‘I’m there!’

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