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Friday, June 4, 2010

Maktoum Championships Plan New Sports for Ramadan Tournament in Fujairah

In Brief
* The founder and patron is His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamad Al Sharqi.

* The Maktoum Championships (MKC) Ramadan Competitions are to be held from 13th-27th August 2010 between the hours of 9.00pm to midnight.

* The major venue is the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club.

Exciting Development
From the vision of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Hamad Al Sharqi in 2007, the Maktoum Championships have grown in popularity to the level that last year (2009) MKC was rated the second largest Ramadan sports tournament in the Emirates.

The Ramadan tournament has attracted both international and local players and by last year the total number of 1154 participants was reached.

In 2009 the Ramadan tournament attracted the highest number of people to watch the various sports. It is estimated that there were approximately 32,000 spectators in attendance throughout the 20 days of competitions.

New Variety
The genius of the MKC Ramadan extravaganza is the mix of competitions and events. Fancy a tournament that includes cricket and chess, tug of war and interactive games, Motocross and a Modified Car Show!

More sports are being introduced in Ramadan 2010 and while they are yet to be finalised the current list includes the following: football (soccer), volleyball (men’s and women’s), tennis, basketball (men’s and women’s), chess, tug of war, cricket, interactive games, motocross, sand drag racing, car show (classic and modified), special needs games, table tennis, taekwondo, boxing exhibition, squash, swimming, and arm wrestling.

Important features will include competitions for those with special needs, women, children and corporate teams.

Many More Cultures
In addition to the many Emirati sportspersons, the MKC Ramadan tournament is attracting people in Fujairah and the UAE from an increasing number of nationalities—Sudanese, Australian, Indian, American, Pakistani, Kiwi, Filipino, Bengali and more.

This cultural mix is attributed in large part to the fruitful cooperation between the MKC organizers and such groups as various social clubs, the Federation of UAE Football Association, the Dubai Sports Council, UAE Chess Federation, UAE Taekwondo & Karate Federation, UAE Table Tennis Association, UAE Tennis Association, UAE Swimming Association and Emirates Motor Sports Federation.

The more cultures that participate as individuals and as groups the richer the tournament becomes. While the spirit of competition will be evident the most important feature will be the inclusive gathering of people together regardless of their culture, gender, age, ability or religion. As His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Hamad Al Sharqi has so well stated, the vision of the Maktoum Championships “aims at spreading sport in the Emirates to achieve harmonious growth for everybody.”

New Facilities
This is the first year that the MKC Ramadan Tournament will be hosted at the attractive and stylish Fujairah Tennis and Country Club. These are well-equipped facilities that will aid the sportspersons, the spectators, the organisers, the media and those serving refreshments.

While not every event can be held at this venue (e.g. Cricket, Interactive Games), the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club with its many areas will bring the events and crowds much closer together to encourage a better sporting spectacle. People this year will be able to walk from event to event rather than needing to travel in their cars.

Ample car parking will be available and this year free buses will travel on soon-to-be publicised routes to enable players and spectators to get to the events and back each night with safety and ease.

Stay Posted
The Promotions Committee will be using all avenues to get information out as it is finalized. A new website is being prepared (URL soon to be announced) and a Facebook Page is up and running with photos, links and comments (Search ‘Maktoum Championships’ or click this link to make this a favourite).

It is not too early to get into training and form teams from your group of friends, from the business company for which you work or the organization of which you are a member.

More Information
Brochures and registration forms will be appearing soon but should you require information at this time, please call the Maktoum Championships on this number—0509892000.

MKC Ramadan Tournament in 2010
More sports in 2010.
More players in 2010.
More spectators in 2010.
More innovation in 2010.
More competition in 2010.
More 'harmonious growth for everybody' in 2010.

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Image: The visionary and patron of the Maktoum Championships, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Hamad Al Sharqi.

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