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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fujairah Tennis Club Gets Biggest Challenge in Scoring Maktoum Championships

Most Challenging
General Manager, Ross Brown said that “the Maktoum Championships—Ramadan Tournament this year (13-27 August 2010) will be the most significant event we have hosted here at the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club because it involves so many sports, players, spectators and organizers.”

In its short history the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club has developed a fine reputation for hosting and managing events such as the Monodrama Festival, the Wedding Expo, Style 2010 Fashion Exhibition, the Fujairah Classic Bodybuilding Championships, the Weightlifting Competitions, Eight Ball Championships and International Tennis Championships, but the sheer number of people who will attend makes the Ramadan Tournament logistically challenging.

Expertise in Organization
Each of the 18-20 sports has its own chairperson and organizational team and in the last two years since the Maktoum Championships was established by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Hamad Al Sharqi a good deal of local expertise has accrued.

Now Ross Brown is busy meeting with the organizers in order to finalize the location of each event in the grounds of the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club and to assess what resources will be needed.

Improving a Winning Formula
Brown wants to help improve what has become a winning formula. Coming to Fujairah over a year ago to take up the position of General Manager, last Ramadan was his first taste of the Maktoum Championships. He was impressed with the enthusiastic level of participation and he wondered how he could become more involved.

Bridge Building by Sport
Ross Brown resonates with Sheikh Maktoum’s vision of using sport as a means for developing harmony and growth for everybody because as a sportsman, a coach and a sports event manager over many years, he has seen first hand how “sport has a way of building bridges across various groups.”

Location, Location, Location
One of the attractive features of the Maktoum Championships—Ramadan Tournament this year will be to have nearly all the sporting competitions and exhibition events in the one location—the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club. This will eliminate the need for travelling by car from one event to another and when spectators come to watch their favoured event they will be able to walk around with ease and enjoy the many competitions that will be held both indoors and outside.

Excellence and Expertise
In addition to providing the variety of areas in the one location Ross Brown says his staff has significant expertise in sports management, training in a range of sports as well as proficiency in the crucial areas of safety, first aid and security.

High Hopes
As a tournament, Brown is hoping for a high participation of players in all the sports and the smooth running of the events.

For the crowds who will attend each evening from 9.00pm to midnight, Brown is working to provide a spectator-friendly environment with everyone easily finding their way from one event to the other, with food and refreshments being on hand whenever they are needed.

All in all, the leader of the team at the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club is working hard with the organizers to ensure that when everyone looks back on the Maktoum Championships—Ramadan Tournament 2010, they will declare it to be the best championships yet.

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Image: This 3,000 seat centre court stadium will be ideal for the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Maktoum Championships-Ramadan Tournament and for staging some of the final matches.

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