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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Star-Struck Fujairah Children Sing the Wonder of Christmas

You think you’ve got problems?

Spare a thought for Mary! First she gets the shocking news of an unexpected pregnancy, then her fiancé threatens to break off their engagement, their baby is born in a cow’s lunchbox, the king orders all babies in the land to be butchered and finally three strange international visitors turn up at their front door.

To learn more about the relevance of Mary and the other characters, come along to the Fujairah Hilton Hotel this Friday where the Christmas story is being retold.

It’s about Children
It is in the tradition of Christmas that the children are presenting the show.

Entitled Star of Wonder, these expat kids from Fujairah have been practicing since October. Their parents will be in the background bringing in hay for the animals and offering some coordination.

It’s about Giving
There’s no charge to attend this musical.

The Hilton Hotel is providing refreshments.

There is no pressure but people will have the opportunity to gift a donation to the Flying Angel service that provides care and practical help each day to the hundreds of seamen who work on tankers and ships out on Fujairah waters.

Further Details
Venue: Hilton Hotel Ballroom, Fujairah.

+ Time: Friday, 10 December commencing at 4.30pm, finishing 6.00pm or so.

+ No tickets so be early to get a seat in the Hilton stable.

+ This musical has been pulled together by Torti Algate, Miranda Fairmaid and a group of their friends with sponsorship from the Fujairah Anglican Church.

+ Everybody (people of Fujairah, national visitors, international tourists) is welcome to attend, especially children.

A Story Worth Singing
It’s amazing how after all the hardship that Mary and Joseph experienced that people are still telling this story thousands of years later. And singing is the best medium in which to tell a story of wonder amidst the ordinary, hope in the face of uncertainty, life when swords are being wielded and peace when all hell is breaking loose.

Need More Info
If you would like more information send Torti Algate or Miranda Fairmaid a note.

Geoff Pound

This article is also posted on the Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page.

Image: “It is in the tradition of Christmas that the children are presenting the show.” (Photo from Google Images)

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