Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why Bother Visiting Dubai When You Can See It Live on Webcam?

The descriptive blurb says:

Enjoy stunning daytime and night time streaming webcam views overlooking major tourist locations in Dubai city, in the United Arab Emirates.

This live streaming video Dubai camera shows live cam views overlooking the world famous and luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel, the Jumeirah beach and the Persian Gulf.

The Burj Al Arab is the second tallest building in the world standing at 321 metres high. This luxury Dubai hotel - the Burj Al Arab - stands on an artificial island 280 metres from the Jumeirah beach and has been designed to symbolize Dubai's urban transformation and to mimic the sail of a boat.

This Dubai city web cam in the UAE allows online visitors to view the world's tallest hotel, the Burj Al Arab hotel, the Jumeirah beach and the Persian Gulf from the comfort of their computer.

In addition to looking at these Dubai icons in real time the site offers a ‘best of all time’ package and highlights of the last 48 hours.

It’s all good advertising until the webcam films and beams to the world some scantily clad tourists on the Jumeirah Beach.

Abu Dhabi Too
There are webcams stationed in Abu Dhabi sending sights from the richest city in the world.

Webcams are becoming increasingly popular in the major cities of the world.

Most Visited
Do you wonder which are the most visited webcams in the world?

Here is the link to see from your own computer what’s on the menu at the Burj al Arab.

Geoff Pound

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Image: Seen live on the Dubai webcam.

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