Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Friday, December 31, 2010

Some Highlights of Fujairah 2010 and Hopes for Fujairah in 2011

Everybody will have their own bundle of highlights in Fujairah for 2010 and hopes for the New Year but here are some headings to spark your memory:

+ That fish that were caught in the fishing capital of the UAE and the lure of fishing.
+ The emergence of the UAE film industry with movies like City of Life and DAM 999.
+ The first fashion exhibition in Fujairah.
+ The maturing of the UAE’s fashion industry.
+ The greening of Fujairah, its beautification and Green Globe for Miramar Hotel.
+ Fujairah’s population reaches 165,000.
+ Enjoying the UAE’s wonderland at Wadi Wuruyah.
+ The building of hotels and apartment towers and more, plus shops in the north.
+ Attending the Digital Consumer Channel Conference.
+ The emergence of Fujairah on 360 Panoramas and more and more.
+ Witnessing the growth of Fujairah’s oil industry with new terminal, new oil pipeline from Abu Dhabi.
+ The upswing in hotels, opening of Iberotel Concorde, Le Méridien Chef honored.
+ Fujairah in Focus on Facebook.
+ Biggest Land Reclamation Project in the UAE.
+ Fujairah’s role in rock exporting.
+ Children star in dancing and Christmas musical.
+ Fujairah photographer shoots at the FIFA World Cup in SA.
+ Drive In Cinema is announced to open on 10/10/10 @10pm but will it open now @11pm on 11/11/11?
+ Fujairah reveals the secret to Lionel Messi’s success.
+ The building of the largest mosque in Fujairah.
+ New Muslim Pen reads the Quran the write way.
+ The rise of taekwondo in Fujairah.
+ New mall for Lulu and other malls coming.
+ Maktoum Championships stage Ramadan Tournament at Tennis Club.
+ Pakistan floods trigger overflow of compassion in Fujairah.
+ Establishing the most scenic shisha site in the UAE.
+ Electricity shortage easing.
+ Growing variety of eating places—Yemeni mandi, Middle Eastern, Samakino for seafood, Chinese (with night club and karaoke), more Chinese, a renovated KFC, the opening of McDonald’s, Thai Express, Subway and more.
+ Dhow cruises from Fujairah.
+ Fujairah and UAE emerging from recession.
+ Sheikh Mohammed (Dubai) has good news for Fujairah and more plus he gives Fujairah a new name.
+ Renovations at Marine Club with observation platform, extended marina, new brochure, fishing competition.
+ Al Saif sword competition inaugurated by Crown Prince, with new rules and prizes, heritage crafts, traditional food, two world records, keeping alive traditions and new beginnings for the Fort.
+ Emirati poet visits Fujairah.
+ Taxi drivers get a rise.
+ Improved transparency in business.
+ Nurturing traditional culture with shasha (boats).
+ Developing creativity, new pursuits like birding, fishing.
+ The rise of the inexpensive mass wedding, the new type of palm tree.
+ Celebrating the graduation of Sheikh Rashid.
+ National day car dressing, heritage exhibition, Social Development Centre crafts.
+ New census ordered to assist in more effective planning.

Hopes for Fujairah
+ Getting a makeover for the emirate.
+ Achieving wise balance between economic and environmental interests.
+ Lightening Fujairah’s ecological footprint
+ The upgrading of education starting with preschool, primary and secondary.
+ Purifying the Fujairah air and new air pollution controls to overcome respiratory illnesses.
+ Developing the Fujairah Corniche and including a new swimming pool complex plus renovating this beach area.
+ More roundabout architecture—the date roundabout and a fort roundabout.
+ Residential recycling facilities.
+ The Masdarization of Fujairah.
+ Fulfilling its tourist potential and captures cruise ship tourist potential.
+ Fujairah becomes a green city and emirate.

Thanks to His Highness, the Ruler of Fujairah, for his family and city leaders. Best wishes for a peaceful new year in Fujairah and the United Arab Emirates.

Geoff Pound

This article is also posted on the Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page.