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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Exploring the Establishment of a Fujairah Natural History Group

+ Ever thought you’d love to have a tour of Fujairah’s Bithna Fort and the surrounding area with somebody who knew its history stretching back to the Iron Age?

+ Ever wanted to do a gentle walk in the Hajar Mountains during the cool weather and be taught by an archaeologist how to recognize a petroglyph and read the language of Fujairah’s early rock artists?

+ Ever yearned to paddle around Khor Kalba in a kayak with somebody experienced in identifying the rich bird life of the region?

+ Ever longed to hear an illustrated talk on the rich resources of Wadi Wurayah by the scientists that work there on a regular basis?

It looks like some of these dreams could become a reality with the formation of a Fujairah Natural History Group later this year.

Some people have been dreaming about the formation of a group that exists to explore together, Fujairah and the surrounding area. Here is a letter from HCT teacher, David Edwards, who is dropping a seed thought on behalf of the group and asking if you are interested.

Shout Out!

A Fujairah Natural History Group shout out!


We are shouting out to you to determine the level of interest among the community in establishing a Fujairah Natural History Group.

An informal organizing group has been dreaming of the possibility of such a group and, if interest is sufficient, we would plan for an inaugural public meeting to be held in the latter part of September 2011.

Like other chapters of the Emirates Natural History Group (Abu Dhabi & Al Ain ENHG and Dubai DNHG), the Fujairah Natural History Group will endeavor to further knowledge and awareness in the local flora and fauna, geology and archaeology, environment and culture through a variety of lectures, workshops and fieldtrips.

If this appeals to you, should you wish further information or you would like to indicate what skills or expertise you might contribute, please email us at fnhg@ymail.com at your earliest possible convenience.

Thank you for your assistance, and for your attention here.


David G. Edwards

FNHG Organizing Committee Member

Got Some Ideas?

I shared some of my ideas above—Bithna Fort area, reading petroglyphs, Khor Kalba, Wadi Wurayah etc.—what sort of things would you like to hear about and experience around Fujairah?

Not all ideas can be promised or executed by this group but the theme of the monthly activities and talks at the FNHG will come from interested people like you.

What would you like to learn and explore about the natural history of Al Fujairah?

Geoff Pound

This article is also posted on the Fujairah in Focus—Facebook Page.

Feel free to forward this link, cut and paste the above letter and put it in your staff news or use any other means to get the word out.

Don't forget to email your reply saying, 'I am interested'.

Image: Looking through a door in the small village at the watch tower of the partially restored fort near Khor Kalba. (Photo courtesy of David Edwards)

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