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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Name and Facelift Needed for 'Madhab Sulpheric Spring Park' Fujairah

Fujairah’s Madhab Sulpheric Spring Park is looking tired and in need of substantial renovation.

This park, also called ‘Ain Mudhab’ (Mudhab Spring), needs a new name because those visiting to see and bathe in sulphur spring water will be disappointed.

There’s a small fountain of mineral water for display purposes near the entrance to the park but the mineral water that formerly filled the swimming pools and paddling channels in the park appears to have dried up.

Unfortunately Fujairah’s hot springs at Ain Al Ghamour have also suffered the same fate.

Reputation for Mineral Springs

For years the hot springs in Madhab have been frequented by people wanting to benefit from the medicinal properties that eased rheumatism, arthritis and other aches.

Early Tourist Resort

In the mid-1970s the Fujairah Government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fish Resources spent Dh6 mill on creating the 15 acre Madhab Sulpheric Spring Park, developing swimming pools (male and female), beautifying the place with trees and flowers and establishing a resort with overnight cabins for families, recreational facilities, children’s equipment, aviaries and a cafeteria.

Large musical and cultural concerts have been staged over the years in the park where there is an outdoor platform and sound shell.

The 15 acre Madhab Park (or ‘National Park’) has over the years become associated with the wider Madhab development that includes the Heritage Village, a cricket ground and an animal enclosure where new work is progressing at the moment.

Tired and Worn

Today, the trees are well established and there’s plenty of space for picnics. Most who visit come to use the swimming pools. The cabins are old and are not very attractive, according to some who work at the park. The playground equipment is old. The bird enclosures are sad. The sign in the cafeteria listing the items on sale looks like it hasn’t changed for decades.


People continue to visit and enjoy their time at the Madhab Park, especially in the weekends.

The location is superb under the magnificent Hajar Mountains. The many types of trees are mature.

This park could have a bright future if new signs indicated the new reality about the mineral water and if it received a fresh injection of funds for renovation and development.


The northern end of Al Ittihad Street, which runs down the left side of the Ruler’s Palace.

GPS Coordinates (courtesy of one tourist): 25 08’ 26.41” N; 56 18’ 59.01”E

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View Madhab Sulpheric Spring Park and Surrounds in a larger map

Open every day except Sunday.

Current Fees (this will inevitably increase)

Entrance to the Park: Children Dh1; Adults Dh2

Swimming Pool: Children Dh5; Adults Dh5 (Children under 8 need parental supervision)

Rooms for Rent (Only for families not bachelors): Dh150, Dh200, Dh300

Take a Look

Visit and draw your own conclusions or have a look at the pictures in this photo album.

Geoff Pound

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