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Fujairah Collage
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fast Food Outlets Forming on Fujairah’s Northern Bypass Highway

First Fast Food Hub

A Fujairah fast food hub opened up towards the end of 2010 and is situated north of the Beach Motel on the road north from Fujairah city to Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah.

These outlets cluster around a drive through McDonald’s Restaurant and they include Thai Express, Subway and most recently Dunkin' Donuts.

New Fast Food Hub

A new Fast Food hub is developing north of the Fujairah Free Zone. It is opposite the Fujairah Port Authority and behind the ENOC Petrol Station.

This location seeks to be attractive to motorists travelling from Dibba, Al Aqah and Khor Fakkan and is a one stop shop where both the car and those inside it can be filled up.

A drive through Burger King is being joined by the following food outlets:

Gulf Pastry

Hatam Iranian Restaurant

Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant

There are still a few more spaces for other outlets to join the latest Fujairah fast food hub.

Fast Food Locations

While there are fast food outlets on Fujairah’s main street it is intriguing to see two fast food hubs being located north of the city of Fujairah.

The location appears designed to capture motorists travelling the busy road between Fujairah city and the beachside towns and resorts of Khor Fakkan, Dibba and Al Aqah.

Both of these fast food hubs are situated on the Fujairah city bypass road that will take motorists travelling on the old or new Dubai to Fujairah highway, down Kuwait Road and up the coast.

When the new and fast highway is open it will be interesting to see the proportion of motorists who choose to bypass Fujairah city in favour of other destinations.

Bypass Recommendations

Unfortunately, tourist guide books have already encouraged the bypassing of Fujairah through statements like this one in the Lonely Planet Guide for the Arabian Peninsula:

“Ever-burgeoning Fujairah is the regional centre for this extremely beautiful part of the UAE. Fujairah itself is a rather characterless small city….Our recommendation is to bypass Fujairah, as its beaches are polluted and unattractive and the Port of Fujairah just north of the city is a major blot on the landscape. You’re much better off going north.” (p348)

With reviews and recommendations like these Fujairah city will need to work hard to transform its image and showcase its many attractions.

Check the Location in Google Maps

View Burger King and Other Fast Food Outlets in a larger map

Geoff Pound

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