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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HCT Fujairah Students Hold Math Fair for Local Schools

HCT Press Release

HCT-Fujairah recently gave the opportunity for many of its students to hold their very own math activity event.

‘Math Fair’ was organized and presented by first year Bachelor Degree students and formed part of an ongoing project in connection with their own math studies.

From 8am to 2pm, the students offered visiting students from government and private academies on the east coast of the UAE the opportunity to visit Fujairah Women's College; and have fun trying to solve mathematical puzzles and challenges in the college's multi-purpose hall. First year foundation students from HCT-Fujairah were also invited to participate in the fun challenges.

Community College

The event highlighted HCT-Fujairah's primary role within the community and provided an insight into college life for so many prospective students who may decide to study at HCT-Fujairah.

Skills into Practice

It also provided the bachelor students with the opportunity to assess and reflect on their own studies and achievements, as Krystyna Krol, Chair of the Bachelor Programs at HCT-Fujairah pointed out. She said, "The event gave our current bachelor students a great chance to put their skills and knowledge into practice."

Building Relationships

One of the bachelor students that took part in the event, Fatmah Hassan Almulla, said "It gave us the opportunity to build relationships with other students at the schools and challenged us to create puzzles that would be fun to try."

HCT-Fujairah had 7 schools (145 secondary students) participate in the fair and also the Foundations, Diploma and upper BAS students who visited.

Schools Hosted

St. Mary's Catholic School - Fujairah

Our Own English High School - Fujairah

Fujairah Scientific Academy - Fujairah

Al Shafaa Girl's School - Kalba

Murbha Girl's School - Murbha

Salma Bint Qais Girl's School - Dibba

Al Hissan Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) - Fujairah

Students had a chance to participate in the Team Competition and then during the second half of the Math Fair they visited individual stands and tried to solve the puzzles.

Team Competition Results

1st: St Mary's (Merine/Salwa/Rifah/Fiza/Shriya)

2nd: Our Own English (Zaheer/Saif/Ronald)

3rd: Our Own English (Swaroop/Akhil/Basith/Jeffin/Abdul)

4th: IAT (Hassan/Abdullah/Ahmed/Khaled/Abdulrhaman)

5th: Our Own English (Prabhakan/Davis/Nihad/Akshay)

5th: Our Own English (Hafsah/Gayathi/Aishwaraya)

5th: St Mary's (Shamma/Rameen/Rafah/Sumaiya/Dalia)

Special Mention

Fujairah Scientific Academy (Marwa/Esraa/Noora/Nadia/Aiya)

Salma Bint Quais (Aya/Mariam/Manal/Amani)

Al Shifaa (Amna/Fatima/Jahwer/Farah/Maitha)

Individual Puzzlers Award

Zaheer Ahmed (Our Own English)

Ronald Sakile (Our Own English)

Ibrahim Ali Kamal (IAT)

Allya Sulaiman (Murbeh)

Buthaina Ghedeer (Murbeh)

Shahd Ali (Our Own English)

Sarah Obaid Khalfan (Murbeh)

Sarah Murad Mohamed (Fujairah Scientific Academy)

Roshan Joseph (St Mary's)

Swaroop Ranganth (Our Own English)

Vishnu (St Mary's)

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