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Fujairah Collage
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Your Suggestions to Solve the Oil Dumping Crisis in Fujairah Waters


New Head of the Municipality’s Environment Protection Department, Eng. Fatma Hassan Sharary, said she would welcome suggestions from the public as her department puts together a plan to address oil dumping in Fujairah waters.

After the major oil dumping in April that killed fish and birds and closed the tourist beaches at Al Aqah and another blanket of oil this month, the issue of finding an effective solution must be marked URGENT and IMPORTANT.


Let your creative ideas flow about the following matters:

  • Surveillance and policing
  • Detection of oil entering the water
  • Accurately tracing the oil to the rogue oil tanker
  • Penalties for oil tanker owners
  • Early alerting of stakeholders regarding oil in the water
  • Preventing the spread of leaked oil and clean up operations
  • Determining local government and federal government responsibilities
  • Financing the oil dumping prevention plan
  • Other aspects

Pass Them On

I’m happy to receive your ideas and plans on this matter and pass them on to the department.

Geoff Pound

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