Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fujairah Developing North Towards the Port

When the city of Fujairah is shielded by mountains on one side and lapped by sea on the other there are not many choices as to where it can expand.

To the south, development has sprawled towards the Sharjah town of Kalba to such an extent that at a cursory glance Kalba and Fujairah look like one city.

To the west, the Fujairah government is establishing a large industrial estate at Al Hail and the days are numbered for mechanic, plumbers and electricians who will have to move out from the old industrial area, west of the Lulu Hypermarket.

A main development of new residential areas is taking place between Faseel and the Port. Only five years ago there were great barren sandy stretches along Al Faseel Road between the Hilton Hotel and the Fujairah Port.

Now there’s a hospital (how many more years will it take to open?), a burgeoning HCT Women’s College, the Al Safeer mall and hotel on the rise, a chain of Fast Food outlets, the broad bypass highway on Kuwait Road boasting a new commercial district and the ongoing growth of the Port/Freezone area with its oil and gas pipelines, storage bunkers, water and power plants and refinery.

New residential areas are being established beyond the Women’s College and many homes are being built under the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme on any spare land in Faseel that can be found.

New apartment towers continue to be built in Faseel and some of these have showrooms and shops underneath.

Dozen New Shops in Faseel
One example is the Moosa Jassim Building on the corner of King Fayssal Rd and the first street which heads towards the beach.

On the ground floor of this tower are the following new shops: Abaya shops (two), Car Rentals, Grocery shop, two Automatic Laundries, an Internet café (only Dh 5 an hour), a Women’s Hair and Beauty Salon (with toys for children), a Men’s Salon (called a saloon) and a show room ready to rent.

Upstairs, amidst the apartments, there is a Dental Clinic and an Engineering Consultancy.

At the time of writing two apartments were available for rent at Dh 33,000 per annum, both on the 11th floor. Details: 055 2519389.

Take a Look
Check out the photos in this album of the new shops in the Moosa Jassim Building.

Geoff Pound

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Image: “New apartment towers continue to be built in Faseel and some of these have showrooms and shops underneath.”

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